Dreams Really Do Come True! - Our Wedding Trip - Spring 2011


Mummy to a perfect princess.
May 14, 2008
yay anouther update cant wait to hear more xx :):)
:goodvibes Thanks - more coming in next 20 minutes or so. X

Very much needed some Disney updates today. Can't wait for the next one.
:cloud9: Thank you! I'm glad I finally have some photos to share!

What a beautiful wedding day. I can see how much love and attention to detail went into the planning of your big day.
You must have spent hours e-mailing people. Your wedding photos are just fantastic and I love your flowers and cake. Your dress was stunning too.

The GF is a fantastic resort and was the perfect setting for your perfect day.

Your family are all so lovely. They all looked like they had a fantastic time.

Congratulations to you both on your first wedding anniversary, here's to many more :hug:
Wow, thanks for such a lovely reply. :hug:

The wedding planning over took my life (I was endlessly making pictures and emailing photos and on the phone to DFTW), but it was more than worth it everynone who was there agrees it was the most magical day they've ever had, and when we see them now they still thank us for it. When I look back now I can't believe just how lucky we were to have such an amazing wedding.

The GF was a big part of that, it's so wonderful and magical and perfect. It'll be in our hearts forever, as will the rest of WDW.

yay for more updates! That Ohana breakfast looks fab - hope to do that when we go again :good vibes

Ooh and that Reeses Easter Egg sounds amazing!!! nom nom nom :cloud9:
We loved 'Ohana, it was definitely one of the best meals of our trip. We'll be back every time we go to WDW now. :)

disney_princess_85 said:
Fab updates as always Victoria!
Thanks!! More soon! x


Mummy to a perfect princess.
May 14, 2008
After our very filling breakfast, we were ready for the rest of the day.

We too our time getting ready, and then headed out to meet Janey and Neil at Typhoon Lagoon at 2pm.

(Didn't take a camera - so I'll be quick!)

The park wasn't too busy at all, and we has so much fun. Janey and I were the ultimate Crush'n'Gusher team, and we rode all of the fruits at least once. :)

I also really enjoyed the shark swim, more than I'd remembered, that was fun, But the main wave pool was still a bit too scary for me!

We went in it, and I'm a strong swimmer, but I just have visions of someone landing on top of me and breaking my nose! Or worse me landing on top of a child!

We stayed until park closing and laid on sunbeds to dry off and let to rush pass in the chaning rooms.

Once we were all changed and ready we headed our separate ways with plans to meet in EPCOT, somwhere near France at 8pm.

We were soon back and the room, and I had time to get showered and changed before grabbing a bagel and some crisps from our well stocked kitchenette:

(Not my photo, but imagine this, covered in snacks....that was us!)

Then it was time to cover myself in bug spray (mosquitos LOVE me) and head out to EPCOT.

Karen and Dave had gotten a great spot on the bridge between France and the UK, so we met them there, and Neil text to say he and Janey were in America grabbing some dinner, and would come and join us before Illuminations started.

Soon they appeard and it was show time. :) I love Illuminations! But won;t bore you with too many blurry photos!

(As you can see there was a private event below us)

After the fireworks it would normally be closing time, but it was EMH until midnight! Yaaaaay!

This was the most fun we had all trip, a really fun night. As we were in France already we admire the F&GF topiaries.

Next up was Morrocco,

And this is where the "How many hats can we try" theme of the evening (and rest of the trio) began.

I pointed this curious piece of wall out to everyone...as I knew they'd find it as childishly amusing as Jack and I do....

Then we moved on to Japan. My favourite, and also now Janey's favourite pavillion. As I always do we spent ages in the store there. I see new things everytime!

Jack, Dave and Neil all enjoy computer games, so I liked this hat:

This looked a bit like Boo:

And I love all cats, expecially these guys. :)

Jack and Janey took a shine to the candy called Crunky and we were all very giggly and giddy by this point, so I somehow needed to photograph the occasion:

I must get back to work now as my lunchbreak if over.

But I'll finish our EPCOT update later on. X


Hidden Mickey
May 13, 2012
I just read your wedding/trip report, beautiful! It was all so lovely. I enjoyed all of your photos, beautiful and very touching. So special to have your wedding with your family and friends in Disney! I wish we had thought of it when we married!


Earning My Ears
Jan 25, 2011
Hi. I followed your pj and some of your trip report, but somehow lost track. I have just found you again! Yay! .....but I can't see the photos. Do you have a website? Great to see you are still a keen diser!


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