Dreams Really Do Come True! - Our Wedding Trip - Spring 2011


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May 14, 2008
Hi everyone!

Sorry for my silence! I'm not the best with long TRs!! And work has been hectic. AND we've booked a trip to Disneyland Paris, so I'm being a little obsessed planning that.

But I have to finish this TR especially since today is our First Anniversary and I've still not bleedin' done it!

I want to start my DLRP PTR too - but I'm making myself finish this first.

I'm busy celebrating today, but will finish the wedding day tomorrow and then fill you in on a few honeymoon bits.

It was a super long trip, and we went to a Disney park every day for the 17 after the wedding, so they all blend together a bit, so I might jsut share some photos and bits of the end of the trip as it'll get a bt boring and I'll gete a bit forgetful I think.

Anyway, I hope I've not lost you all.

Will update tomorrow - I promise!!


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Nov 3, 2006
Can't wait for more :goodvibes we have also just booked a sneaky trip to DLP and we have never been before :banana:
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    Jan 1, 2012
    Wow what a wonderful holiday and wedding/ honeymoon! The photo's are fab and made me nearly cry!! Thanks for sharing!


    Mummy to a perfect princess.
    May 14, 2008
    Once the boats docked back the the Floridian marina, it was almost time for our dessert party.

    This was meant to be a Sago Cay Point (just down from the Marina, close to the water, but there was more than a 50% chance of rain, so we weren't allowed the food served outside, so we had it back at the Whitehall room where the rest of the reception had happened.

    it's a pretty space, but it meant that my glowing light theme didn't really glow as much as it would have if the party had been in the right location, as there were a lot of lights in the Whitehall.

    Glow cube decorations, not glowing as much!

    Never mind, the food was all very yummy!

    Here are some photos of the DP:

    Jack's much requested cheesecake lollipops:

    My much requested Mickey Oreo treats:

    Cake for dipping in the chocolate fountain:

    Me dipping said cake! Lol. I was so scared I'd get chocolate all down my dress!

    After we all enjoyed some treats I heard some familiar Music pipe up and got a bit excited. Katie and Hayley heard it too and knew it was the Electric Water Pageant. So we sprinted (as well as we could in our big dresses) to the Marina (luckily there's a shortcut from the convention center) and caught the end of the parade.

    It was our one bit of wedding craziness, the three of us must have been a funny sight!!

    Then it was almost time for Wishes.....and the end of our magical day!! :(


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    Jan 17, 2011
    Wow! What a wonderful update.

    I love your glow cube decorations. They still looked lovely even if they did not have a effect you imagined.

    The food looks amazing right from the cheesecake lollipops (which is an amazing idea btw) and the oreo treats. Fabulous.

  • torsie24

    Mummy to a perfect princess.
    May 14, 2008
    For our Dessert Party we should have watched Wishes from where the food was served, but from Whitehall the Monorail and plants obstructs to view a little, so I asked our planner to set up some chairs at Sago Cay, even though we wouldn't be eating there. As the view is just so much better, and I love Wishes.

    So a few minutes before Wishes time we all walked out to the Marina, everyone had a seat and Jack and I stood at the front to have photos during the show.

    These were some of our favourite photos of the whole day! So I was very glad we chose to have our photographers with us for the entire day.

    And then that was it......my wedding was over!

    People warn you it's going to go by fast.....but honestly, they should warn you more! And ours was a long day!

    We headed back to the Whitehall room, said our goodbyes to everyone and then everyone went their separate ways.

    And this is where the evening got a little weird!

    Jack went with Dave and Karen to my parents room, so Dave could change out of his tux and leave it at the Floridian so the suits could all be picked up in the morning.

    So while that was happening, Katie, Hayley, their parents and I carried all the gifts, cards, decorations that I wanted to keep and the remaining cake up to my room.

    With some persuasion we managed to get the top tier of the cake into the tiny Floridian fridge, and as Jack hadn't re-appeared the Parker family stayed with me a bit and we watched the 11pm showing of the Magic, Memories and You show from my balcony.

    After that I said goodnight to the Parkers and wished them a lovely rest of their trip, as I was sure Jack would be back any second.

    I tidied the room up a bit (as it had become quite a mess when we were all getting ready in it that morning) and he still hadn't come back.

    In my dress there was pretty much nothing I could do for myself! I really wanted a bath, but I couldn't undo my dress by myself.

    I thought about walking along to Mum and Dad's room, but the thought of walking around a quiet hotel at nearly midnight, by myself, in a wedding dress seemed a little odd!

    Luckily not long after that Jack returned and I was finally able to have a bath, and spend about 20 minutes getting what felt like 500 pins out of my hair!!

    Jack and I had talked so much about whether we'd be able to sleep that night. We couldn't decide if we'd just pass out, or if we'd be awake for hours with everything rushing through our brains too excited to sleep.

    It turned out after a bath and snuggling down in that huge bed we had absolutely no trouble getting to sleep! :cloud9:
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    Mummy to a perfect princess.
    May 14, 2008
    The day after the wedding - Part One:

    We both slept like logs. And luckily we both woke up at the same time. (I had this really unromantic vision of me waking up at about 5am still excited from the previous day, and Jack laying there sleeping, and me having to spend my first morning as a Mrs playing on my phone or something!) But that wasn’t the case, we woke up at the same time, gushed about the previous day some more, and finally got up and showered and headed along to the Club Level lounge for breakfast.

    The lounge at the GF Main Building is wonderful. It’s on the third floor, above where Sandy Cove gift shop is, so it looks down into the lobby and down onto where the band play. J There’s a lot of seating by the windows that look out over the lagoon to the castle, but you can also walk completely around the balcony that circles the lobby and sit and look out onto the port cochere and monorail station, and down into the little garden at the front that has the Mary Poppins topiary.

    Anyway, it was Jacks first CL visit during one of the food service times, and he was excited!! He fell in love with some of the little pastries there, I think they were little sticky pecan buns. I love the honey bread with cinnamon butter. MMmmm, it was delicious.

    The morning it was pretty busy in the main seating area (there’s only maybe 8 tables or so) so we went over to the other end and say and looked out onto the front and watched the monorails come and go. A few minutes after we sat down Mum and Dad appeared (there room was right by those front windows) so we had a little chat and they grabbed some breakfast and joined us.

    After that we helped them pack up. I say ‘helped’ more like I shoved my wedding dress into their spare case (I preferred it just went home than I kept it for 2 more weeks) and we also helped them out by keeping Dads fancy video camera and relieving them of the last of their dollars. :rotfl: Dad had got loads out to spend on drinks for people at the wedding, but had then just charged it to his room, so we did pretty well out of that! ;)

    After that we headed back to the room, and they dropped their cases with us and then they checked out. We hadn’t decided what we were going to do with the day yet, but Mum and Dad were going to visit MK for a few hours before they had to catch the ME, so we arranged to meet them back at our room about 30 minutes before leaving time.

    Jack and I had a wander around the hotel, looked through the shops and I wanted to see what Gasparillas was like (disappointing I thought – we didn’t get anything) our plan for the day was to just be all married and lovey-dovey and enjoy the hotel as we only had 3 nights there.

    Well....it turns out being able to see the castle at every turn has an effect on us....and it wasn’t long before we were on the monorail!

    I’m afraid I didn’t take anything with me other than tickets and room key, so no photos in this instalment.

    On the monorail we were sat opposite an older couple who were very excited to hear we were newlyweds. So sweet. :) Soon we were getting off and saying our goodbyes to them, and Jack and I both commented about how fun it was to be a married couple and talk to other married couples! We were part of a new club!! (losers!)

    When we entered the park we got a tiny way down Main Street and the Trolley Dance started! I looove it, so we had to stop and watch. Half way through one of the males dancers spotted our badges and ran over to see my ring. He was so camp and was all like “oooooh, how fabulous” very sweet and funny!

    After the show I had one thing that Jack had to see – the new graveyard queue at HM! Of course I’d been in the night before the wedding, but he’d been busy chowing down at Boma so hadn’t experienced it. But when we got to HM it wasn’t open! We queued and rode anyway just in case the new effects at the end had opened, they hadn’t but it was still fun.

    The park was really busy, and we weren’t in a hurry to ride anything, so we just wandered the shops (I love that Christmas shop in Liberty Square, and the one with the kitchen stuff in it) all the wait times were very long, and it was very hot, so we headed over to Tomorrowland keeping our fingers crossed that the ever faithful TTA would be quiet as ever. We actually had to queue around the base a little, but in 5 or 10 minutes we were aboard, and whizzing through the sky – I’m always a little taken aback at how fast it goes when it starts.

    On our previous trip in 2009 Space Mountain had been shut, so it was fun to ride through while the rockets were zooming about and people were screaming.

    As we arrived back at the hub Jack spotted Mum and Dad walking below us on their way out of Carousel of Progress. I thought shouting would be a bit rude, so we just tried to keep them in sight and then speed walked up behind them and managed to catch up as they got to the bridge back to the Central Hub.

    The Move It, Shake It street party was on, so it was pretty noisy, but they were headed over to BTM as when they entered the park they’d collected FPs which were almost ready (I had a little proud moment, they’d learned the WDW ways so well!) we left them to it as it was SO crowded, so we headed back down Main Street, stopping in the Ice Cream Parlor to grab some Butter Pecan Ice Cream for Jack, and a Vanilla Tofutti Root Beer float for me. YUM! I always had to wait a while for Tofutti, but to be able to have ‘ice cream’s is so great to me that I don’t mind. :)

    We sat in the little snook half way down Main Street on the left and enjoyed our ice creams in the shade, before I dragged Jack in to look at the Dooney & Bourke bags and the Pandora charms! Luckily for him I didn’t buy anything....yet.

    After a browse we headed out of the park and got the boat back across to the GF. The monorails are more frequent, and took us right into the same building as our room - but the boat is just such a wonderful way to approach. We had an ADR at Narcoosees that night, but weren’t sure whether to go or not, so we spent a while reading the Menu, but there just wasn’t anything we fancied. We also wandered and decided which building we’d stay in in the future.....I’d be happy in any around the second pool, but Jack sais only Main Building........think it’ll be a long wait until I return in that case!

    We returned to the room, and called and cancelled Narcoosees, and then went out on the balcnony, took some photos:

    And ate some of our wedding cake whilst admiring the view!

    (The cake got a little bashed up trying to shove it into the fridge)

    Next up......saying goodbye to my parents, and a very soggy evening!


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    Jan 10, 2007
    The cake looks yummy, i know you said earlier what it was but I can't remember, is it lemon? I believe you had different tiers.


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    Feb 20, 2011
    I've just followed the link to your TR from the wedding board.

    Happy first anniversary. Your wedding looked spectacular.


    Mummy to a perfect princess.
    May 14, 2008
    Those are the best wedding evening photos i have ever seen :goodvibes
    Wow, wow and WOW ..... what a wonderful day. :love:
    Absolutely stunning photos :love: What a dream wedding :goodvibes
    The cake looks yummy, i know you said earlier what it was but I can't remember, is it lemon? I believe you had different tiers.
    Fantastic photos!! You both look stunning :)
    Can't wait to see more :cutie:
    Wow that cake looks incredible!! :dance3:
    I've just followed the link to your TR from the wedding board.

    Happy first anniversary. Your wedding looked spectacular.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments everyone. :)

    Stephensmum - the top tier of the cake was almond cake with amaretto mousse. The bottom tier which got eaten up at the wedding was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

    Update on its way soon. :)


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