Does Universal Have fireworks at night??


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Aug 20, 1999
IOA has a fireworks show called Adventure to the Stars. It's shown during 2 weeks in April, the summer, and the 2 weeks of Christmas. USF is going to have a fireworks show too.


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Feb 4, 2001
I was in Orlando three weeks ago and went to Sea World. They had cancelled their fireworks at that time due to the potential for a brushfire, (I-4 was closed on and off at the time due to fires). I just heard on the news about the new severe restrictions on water usage in S.Florida, the most severe ever. They are stopping golf courses, and landscapers/nurseries from water usage, choosing to let the grass die instead. I assume this will follow in central Florida if the situation doesn't change soon.

Does anyone know if Disney or Universal are still lighting up the sky?



Nov 12, 1999
There are currently no bans placed on fireworks at any of the Central-Florida theme parks. Typically, due to the precautions taken and the tourism draw, things have to be really really really bad for the state to stop the fireworks at the parks. Almost to the point that most municipalities will have to cancel their own local 4th of July fireworks, yet the theme parks can still run their shows.

Yes, Islands of Adventure will have fireworks nightly during Easter week.

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