Does Flight of Passage require forward bending?


Sep 30, 2010
Hi everyone :) I have a back issue that doesn't usually bother me except with forward bending or very jerky movements. I am so excited to try this ride & am hoping I'll be able to ride it.
Would love to hear other's experience. Thank you!
I would say that you hinge forward at the waist, more than a bending over. I have back issues and I can keep a flat back during the attraction.
I sit up straight so when the back rest comes up I have a little room between me and the rest infront There is a test set out front you can try before hand.

Also check out the pined pandora ride thread at the top of the page for a lot of photo on the ride

There's some movement forward from the waist; I'm not sure I would call it bending.

Using the test vehicle may help you decide. Stay a little while on the test vehicle; give it a couple of minutes. See how it feels.

Yes, this says it better than I did--and I should have said hinge is more at the HIPS--not waist
The ride itself is about 4 and 1/2 minutes long, but you will be sitting in position until e everyone is seated with restraints locked.

Just got back. I could almost sit straight up. However, I am under 5' foot tall. A taller person might not be able to sit as straight.


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