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Oct 25, 2004
Expensive as in anything over say $25,000. What kind is it? How much are your payments? I have been driving the same car for twelve years. - a Pontiac Sunfire that I bought new for around $14,000. The time has come where I want to treat myself to something really nice. But the vehicle I want is $37,000 brand new (Infiniti FX25 SUV) and I want at least a 2005. I've seen a couple of 2003 models around $27,000. I'm willing to swing it ... maybe ... but need encouragement. :)
I drive a 2002 Chrysler 300M, which was right around $30K when we bought it new. We paid it off last November, but our payments were about $550. This has been the best car I've ever had. It's got almost 100K miles on it, and still good as the day we bought it.
I guess it was expensive at the time. We bought it in 2005 and it is a 2005 Ford explorer fully loaded. I don't think its worth much now, never is when you drive it off the lot. But I need the extra rows of seats for carpooling, so I will keep it until the kids are both driving then I will get something different.
No, I drive a Santa Fe, and DH drives a Kia Something...LOL...

SUV was the more expensive, but now it is older. I love it though, love it :thumbsup2

Last summer, we fulfilled a lifelong dream of purchasing a waterfront home. So when DH's car died just two months before closing, we knew we'd have to purchase a new car right after we moved in.

So I kept to a strict budget and financed through my credit union. My budget was $300/month. I found a 2006 Honda Civic LX for a monthly payment of $299.65! Woo Hoo! Just under budget!

THEN, just before my first payment was due, I got a promotion at work that includes a $300/month auto allowance! BINGO!!!!! Except for the downpayment on the car, I haven't had to pay a cent!

It was funny; when I learned about the promotion, I called DH. "Hey! I have some news... We could have gotten the Volvo!" (I've wanted a Volvo stationwagon since I was a young girl.) He knew immediately that I'd gotten the promotion. He asked, "Do you want to trade (your car) in?" I love my Civic!
Oh yea...I will take an Infinity. :thumbsup2

You are going to feel like you won the lottery!!!! Sunbird to Infinity....:lmao:

I want the M45....yea, it will never happen for me. So enjoy it if you can!!!:woohoo:
I guess it was expensive at the time. We bought it in 2005 and it is a 2005 Ford explorer fully loaded. I don't think its worth much now, never is when you drive it off the lot.

Which is why I want to buy used instead of new. And the Infinitis seem to have good resale value if a 2003 is still in the high 20's.

mmcguire said:
I drive a 2002 Chrysler 300M, which was right around $30K when we bought it new. We paid it off last November, but our payments were about $550.

Was there ever a time you were worried about having such a huge car payment? That's what I worry about, like what if I lose my job or something and can't afford it? I will put back a couple of payments in my savings account, but it's still kind of scary. The $$ I make now I can afford it no problem, but I'm looking at a 3-5 year loan. Guess I can't worry about it that much, just be responsible with my $$ in all other aspects and I should be fine. :confused3

my mom drives a 2003 town car, my dad bought it for her when she found out he had a girlfriend 4 years ago.

My dad drives cadillac eldorado's he has 3 of them, his newest one is a 2001 but its spotless.

He takes really good car of his cars, he just gave my mom his oldest one a 1992 to drive to work and take pinocchio for rides, and you would not believe how beautiful it is, people my mom work with thought it was a new car. he must have an inch of wax on it lol, can you imagine a 92 car that turns heads. :)
If you can afford to make the payments without making sacrifices, then do it. Remember that imports cost more to repair. I just bought replacement wiper blades for my vehicle and paid close to $60 for the front set. The rear wiper was another $35. I could only get them from the dealership, the local auto part stores don't carry them.

There are car payment calculators to give you an idea of what your payment would be. It all depends on the interest rate that you get.

Good luck!
My car had an expensive sticker price (Cadillac STS), but we didn't buy it new, so someone else had to deal with that number ;).

We never had payments on it.

I wouldn't buy a car that the payments were a real sacrifice, but I am not all that into cars. My DH is the one who wanted my car, but now that I drive it I would definitely buy another one. It's pretty unlikely I would buy a new one though. I am all for getting a car after it has at least a year under it's belt...much better price and still low mileage. Then again, my DHs best friend is a mechanic, so we have his expertise at our disposal.

I think you should go for it if it is feasible and you really want it. Good luck with your decision!
My DH drives an Infiniti G35 and the payment is close to $600 a month, for a 5-year. It will be paid for in about a year. It'll be nice to have that $600 a month extra. And on top of that my car has a nearly $400 payment until the following year. So yeah it's kind of tough having nearly $1000 a month in car payments. But DH plans on driving his car for a long time, so that will be free and clear for a while. I will replace my car sometime after his is paid off. So we'll be back to another high payment, but it won't be as bad as the $1000 we're paying now.

Oh and DH went from a 10 year old Ford Probe to his Infiniti. Wow, what a change. I went from a 5-year Grand Am to my Infiniti. Funny enough, my Grand Am had several nice features that my Infiniti doesn't. :lmao:
I drive an Expedition... I love it and it cost me way to much !!I think it was almost 35k and my notes are around 500 a month but will be payed off in Sept 07 which means we only had a 3 yr note. Im looking at BWM X5 for the next one since i dont really need as big a car... but im pretty sure i cant give up the room so i think ill go with another Expedition but will go with an Eddie Bauer.
We bought our Chevy Tahoe new 10 years ago and paid amost $30,000, still driving it and DH has a '98 Grand Am.

When our DD goes to 1st grade in 3 years I plan to go back to work full-time as an RN, and I'll reward myself with a new vehicle. It will either be a Cadillac Escalade or a Lexus SUV. I say if you can afford it, do it. But don't go into debt for it, vehicles are just big money pits.
I drive a 2002 Saab 9-3 Convertible which retailed at over 40K when it was new. I assumed someene's lease 3 years ago and paid much, much less. The car is completely paid off.

Dh doesn't believe in car payments so we only buy cars when we don't have to finance.
Nope--I bought a 2004 PT Cruiser new. It cost less than $18K and we paid cash for it. I hate having a car payment and I love my little car.
No, I drive an '07 Hyundai Sonata. I love it, it is the best car I've ever had!
I drive a 2007 Mercedes C230, that I got last November, although I've never made one payment on it. I won it at a Junior League benefit that my wife and I attended.
Based on the $25K criteria, yes, we have two -- a 2006 Honda Odyssey and a 2007 Honda Accord. We paid cash for them both (along with trade-ins), though.


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