DIS/DVC mini meet at OKW


Aug 14, 1998
Since it's apparent that there will be quite a few DIS/DVC members at WDW over the next weeks, lets schedule a couple of mini-meets.

Very casual, meet-n-greet at OKW- everyone is welcome- regardless of where you're staying. Meet on Wed. May 9 at 3PM at the flagpole above the boat dock at Turtle Krawl.

Also on Wed. May 16 at 3PM - same place.

Also don't forget the member's network meetings - Tuesdays - 8AM at OKW and Thursdays - 8AM at BWV.

Please post below if you can make it! See you either or both times!

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We'll be at OKW 5/11-5/20. Our first trip on points. And, as luck would have it, that Wednesday is one of our days off to bum around and hang out at the pools!!

So count us in....ohiominnie and ohiomickey will be there for the fun on the 16th!!!

Doc, are you going to be at both of those??

btw, what is that member's network meeting????

ohiominnie :p
The Member's Network Meetings are an overview of the DVC program. There is a video presentation and some discussion of all of the exchange possibilities. They offer doorprizes and have awards for contributing during the discussion. Time for questions is also part of the program. They also provide a continental breakfast.

Oh yes, .....they will even allow enough time to do an add-on. ;)

We try to attend when we are there. It really is a nice program and an opportunity to meet other members.

Yes, I will be there for the mini-meet on May 9 and 16! See you then!

Originally posted by Doc

Oh yes, .....they will even allow enough time to do an add-on. ;)

Ha ha! Not ready to do that yet. We JUST closed on our first contract and are awaiting the closing on our add on!! I think we better wait a few months for the next add on! We're getting spoiled this time on an OKW 2-BR....we'll see what happens when we're faced with a vacation in a studio! :)

If you don't mind....how long do those meetings last?

ohiominnie :p
They begin pretty promptly at 8AM and are done by 9 (unless it takes you longer to do that add-on!) :)
Doc, do many people attend those meetings? And what kind of door prizes do they have? ;) :bounce:

They are held at Community Hall. We've been when there were only 10-12 and also when the entire room was filled.

Door prizes are usually DVC logo items (not available for sale anyplace). DVC umbrellas, tote bags, duffel bags, drink holders, beach pails, etc. Nothing too major (like free nights or add-ons), but still a fun gesture.

The presentation is given by sales staff.
Oh, I don't need free nights or add-ons. I'd be quite happy with toys and trinkets. ;) :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Thanks for the info!
I will be at OKW from May6-12 so I should make the Meet and Greet....Hope to see some of you there :)
we will be at OKW May 13-14 and will plan to be at the network meeting at 8am on Tuesday May 15, before driving over to VB - this will be our first DVC trip to a DVC resort - we attended several network meetings at VB before joining.
Hey Doc, DW and I will be at OKW 5/11/01 to 5/18/01 then off to AKL for a few days.
We are doing AK on the 16th, but we will try to make the meet. If not we will be at
one of the morning meetings.

Hope to run into some people while we are there.

Everybody have a great time.

Scott and Peg
I'm sorry I won't be there for those mini-meets. I had already started a meeting for May 24 at 2pm in the Spike Room at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge. So far, it's me and Eva and Keryn and Jon. Anybody else want to meet? We'll probably venture out to the quiet pool area to relax. Hope you can come.:cool:
awwww! gonna miss you guys. we'll be at bwv 5/1-5/7. will try to make the members' meeting if the teens haven't worn me out by then.
We will be there May 13 - 19. I will try to make the meet, but can't promise anything.

We'll miss you too; gonna be at VWL from the afternoon of 5/4 thru the morning of 5/9...We'll be wearing our lime green ribbons and looking for others!
We'll be there the 16th and should be able to make the mini-meet.

See you all then.

Caskbill :wave:
We arrived safely late last night and got checked in at 11:30 PM. Room was ready!! ;)

Looking forward to meeting anyone who can make it on the 9th and/or the 16th. See you then!


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