Dinner question/suggestions?


Aug 18, 1999
Hi -- If we head over to IOA/Universal -- where would you suggest we go for dinner (4 adults and 1 child who will be 14 months)....

Can we do Emeril?.. Would you suggest Emeril?
What other restaurants do you suggest?



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Emeril's is good, but pricey. For the kids, I would try Margritaville. There are enough music and videos to keep their attention.


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Well, my sugesstions for IOA and dinner, are as follows. The 4-Cafe has really good food. You get a good variety, very delicious, and relatively inexpensive too. I ate here quite a bit. The discovery center in JP also has some good food. I don't know if they still have them or not, but avoid the alligator nuggets at all costs!!!!! Heed this advice if it's the last thing you do!!!!!! Circus McGurkis in Seuss Landing has the same selection and prices as 4-Cafe, but I thought I heard a rumor that it's closed now. Don't Know about that.
As for the Studios, I only ate dinner there once, and it was at Monster cafe. Very good food, fairly cheap. Good atmosphere too.
As for Citywalk, partake in as many Margaritas in Margarittaville as you can. I'm looking forward to those on my next trip. That will be my very first stop. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

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For dinner at IOA, if you want to eat inside the park I would try Mythos. If you want to walk out to City Walk, you could go to Emeril's (make your reservation way in advance...they book up quickly). The food/atmosphere is very good. We do not care for the food at Margaritaville, (except for the volcano nachos)...other than that the food is very bland and not worth the money. Our favorite place to eat at City Walk is The Latin Quarter...the food and service are outstanding, and the dancing (small shows) while you are eating is a great perk. It is a great place for kids (early in the evening..before 9ish)
when we were there all the kids seemed to be having a great time...even though yours is younger (probably eats off the kids menu)...you might as well have a great meal while you are there. You can review the menus at uescape.com

Enjoy! :)


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