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    Oct 22, 2006

    We have reserved a room at Loews Coronado Bay for this July. Can anyone share any information about this hotel or Coronado? Are there any local restaurants/attractions we shouldn't miss? What is the drive to downtown San Diego and SeaWorld/Legoland like?

    Thanks so much!

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    The Loews is a self contained resort that sits near a private marina on thin strip of land called the Silver Strand (it runs from Coronado all the way down to the Mexican border). The resort is on the San Diego bay side of Silver Strand and has lots of boating; a short walk to the other side takes you Silver Strand State Beach. Because of its location, this beach is one of the least crowded in San Diego.

    The resort is about four or five miles south of Coronado proper (there’s a navy base between Silver Stand beach and Coronado proper). The one big sight there is, of course, the Hotel del Coronado. The building is truly one of the most beautiful in the world; stepping in time is traveling back more than a century. It’s said that the plate in the bird cage elevator reads “Otis #6” – the sixth elevator ever made. The hotel sits right on the beach and is worth walking around just for the views (sunsets are highly recommended).

    The Hotel Del is on Orange Avenue, the main street of Coronado. It is lined with the usual beach/tourist town collection of small restaurants. You’ll need to drive on the this street to leave the island for the rest of San Diego by crossing the Coronado Bay Bridge. It’s, I guess, about ten or twelve miles from the Loews to Downtown San Diego. The bridge connects to I-5 which is the main north-south route from San Diego to Disneyland and Carlsbad (Legoland). You’ll also use this road to get to Sea World which, guessing again, is about a twenty mile drive.

    P.S. I haven't stayed at the Loews yet. I'd very mich like to hear what you think about it

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