Completely Off Topic But Important For All Who Instant Message Me


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Apr 14, 2000
<font face="comic sans ms"> Hi, all. :wave: I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not ignoring any of you. I have an Aol Mobile Communicator. It's about the size of a pager. I carry it in my purse, and I can use it to send/receive e-mail and send/receiveAol Instant Messages to people. The problem with the communicator is that it looks like I'm available ALL OF THE TIME. People IM me and I don't answer, and I don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring him or her.



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Jan 17, 2000
Most of the time, Ms. Dayna carries her communicator with her in her suitcase....I mean, and it doesn't beep when she has an IM, I don't think. ;) So if you see a little cell-phone looking icon thingie by her account name....that means that she's away from the computer and may not get your IM.

Hope that helps confuse everyone. ;)


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Aug 19, 1999
Nah, I think she is ignoring us! :p :p :p

I have to cause all my trouble now because we are going away for shopping and doctor's appts this week. Joe is getting a new cast. (fun, fun, fun)

See ya on Monday.


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Jul 23, 2000
Even if it did beep Steve would she be able to hear it when it is mixed in with all of the stuff in her suit...I mean purse? :D

Have fun shopping Tammy! I hope that everything goes ok with Joe's cast.


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