clicking on DVC Discussion and getting Disney Restaurants


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Nov 9, 2000
I've clicked on the DVC Discussion link from the home page and it goes to Disney Restaurants! I thought maybe I had clicked wrong (even though I know they are quite far apart on the list) and tried again. Same thing. Not sure if anyone else has reported this or not so I thought I'd say something.
I tried it a few times from several locations Luv2Dream, but wasn't able to duplicate your results.:confused:

Thanks for the heads up, let us know if it happens again and we'll investigate it further.
I just did it this morning (9:40am here) and it did the exact same thing. This is from the DIS Home page under heading DVC Vacation Club, first choice DVC Discussion. I get sent to Disney Restaurants!!! :p
Just checking to see if this is resolved?
Yes, it's o.k. now. It was the strangest thing. Glad to have DVC back. Lynn


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