Booking ADR but whole party not showing up?

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by ICan'tWait, Sep 20, 2009.

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    We're traveling with a group of eight next summer (first time for three of our party :thumbsup2). I know the other half of our party will not want to plan reservations months in advance.... (while I live for this stuff). Do I go ahead and make reservations for eight? If they don't come and it's just my family of four will that be a problem? I don't know if two reservations of four would work or not because my MIL may want to come to more restaurants than the others and that would make a party of five. So what happens if only half of a party shows up for a reservation?
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    You will still get seated.

    People show up with fewer than expected all the time. We've had it happen with us a few times. We simply told the cm at the podium that some people in our party were not feeling well & had stayed back in the room that evening.

    **Don't make two ADRs for groups of four, because then you will not get seated together.

    We traveled to WDW as a group of 8 once. When I was making our ADRs the cm on the phone mentioned that at some places we might get seated at two never happened though. We were able to get seated at one large, round table at the following:
    Chef Mickey's
    1900 PF
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    We do this some trips too. The only thing you need to beware of is if you have to put a cc down for a no-show (CRT, Norway,). If one in your party does not show, they will be charged the no-show fee. We found this out last year when we booked the Norway meal and wasn't sure of our party size. We were told we would be charged the $10 fee for anyone who does not show up. Luckily not every place does this. Same for the dinner shows.

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