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  1. GaBelle

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    Jan 9, 2013
    Hey ya'll! I'm new here, so please forgive me if I didn't look hard enough to find the answer to this.
    We have booked a 2 bdrm villa at BLT in September.We are not DVC members, we booked thru Disney as "cash" guests. We have stayed at the Poly and GF in the past. DH wanted to be really close to MK.
    Here are my questions and concerns:
    What is the difference between a 2 bdrm and a dedicated 2 bdrm? How do I know which one I have?
    I have read several reviews about the cleanliness in the halls. Is this a problem?
    Will we be able to access the Top of the World lounge? I had hoped to be able to view Wishes from up there!
    Thanks in advance for understanding my obsessiveness!
  2. patty57

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    Jun 11, 2009
    I think the difference between a 2 bed and a dedicated 2 bed is that the regular 2 bed is a one bed and a studio joined together. You would have a door to the hallway and a kitchenette in the studio. You would also have a queen bed and a pull-out sofa in the studio. I believe that the dedicated two bed may have two queens in the "studio" with no kitchenette, and no door to the hallway. If that is wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me. I stayed at BLT almost two years ago, and at that time, I did not notice any problems in the hallways. Unfortunately, you cannot use the ToTWL unless you are a DVC member, staying on points.
  3. Deb & Bill

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    Mar 20, 2000
    A lockoff two bedroom can be rented as a studio and a one bedroom or a two bedroom. The connecting door between would be locked if rented as a studio and one bedroom. A dedicated two bedroom would not be able to be separated into two villas. There is only one entrance into the villa. The second bedroom (in most cases, different resorts have different situations) will usually have two queen beds in a dedicated and a queen bed and double sleeper sofa with a kitchenette in the lockoff. Your reservation should note lockoff or dedicated.

    The halls are clean other than people leaving their trash in the hallways instead of taking it to the trash room.

    You will not be able to go to the TOTWL if you are not a DVC member staying on a DVC reservation at WDW. They ask to see the KTTW that states DVC room and a blue member card.

    You can see Wishes from the bridge walkway between BLT and Contemporary Resort. Or even from the parking lot.

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