Anyone experienced Bed Bugs before?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by aussietravellers, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Jul 18, 2008
    I just read that Abercrombie and Fitch has closed two stores in New York (temporarily) due to a bed bug infestation :scared1: Now I don't personally shop there anymore but my son has quite a lot from there and loves their clothes, the tshirts are SO soft, beautiful cotton, so we were planning on hitting that store (may wait until Orlando now :rotfl: ). Although they will not reopen until it's taken care of, but I wonder about the stock? Is it going to have been fumigated :confused3

    Anyway apparently there is a big bed bug problem in New York it said in the Abercrombie article I read. There is a bed bug registery ( where you can check the hotel you are staying at to see if there have been any problems there.

    It just got me thinking.... We travel quite a bit and we have never encountered them before, mind you to be honest, I have never checked for them but we have never had any bites. But after reading what I've read I think I will be doing the bed bug check at all three hotels to be sure.

    I'm not actually worried about it, they are everywhere now apparantly, but I was wondering if anybody has ever had a problem with them (not just at Disney, any hotel in the world)
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    Apr 20, 2009
    Yikes, this is something we have been thinking about too. I'm freaking a little because we are staying at the Hilton in New York and they have several reports on that website, only 4-5 over 1 year but still. Yikes!!!!!!!!
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    It mainly spreads on luggage.
    It is why you should NEVER put your luggage (suitcases) on the bed if you can help it...and yes...keep your eyes open.
    The people who 'bring' it a hotel traditionally have stayed in Youth hostels and come from less clean environments and then proceed to put their suitcases ON THE BED - Hence getting INTO the bed.

    We booked a place on NYC for the great bedding config but cancelled it because of bed bug reports (and pics) on TA.

    I've NEVER encountered it anywhere and we have even stayed at a Super 8.
    But it is becoming more widely spread because of the above mentioned reasons.

    It is usually only rare occasions (rather than a systemic problem) when it occurs at otherwise well rated hotels.
    Although it can be the first sign of change of attitude or management in a hotel.

    You may have noticed the decrease in the use of a bed spread in many chains rather white sheets everywhere with a strip of colour on the end. This is to help combat the problem.

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