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Jul 15, 2002
I would like to have 50 - 100 points transfered to my account and am willing to pay a fair price. My current use year is August and my home resort is BCV. I am closing on a resale the end of this month for OKW and it too is August use year. Please give me the answers to 1) If points are transfered FROM an August use year - are they concurrent with mine? 2) If points are transfered FROM any other month use year - are they still concurrent with mine? 3) Does the home resort make any difference - or do they become "my" home resort on transfer?
Any help with this would be appreciated GREATLY. Seems that even my Sales Rep doesn't have the answers. Maybe that's because he wants me to buy them from him instead.
THANKS <<<< email me : >>>>
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Points transferred into your account retain their home resort status as well as their use year. Thus BWV points transferred into your OKW account are still BWV points and retain their BWV reservation prioity. You cannot combine points from different Resorts to make a prioity, 11th month reservation at one of the Resorts using the combined total. October use year points transferred into your August use year account are still October use year points and expire, if not banked, on September 30.
I have emailed you and I am not getting a response are you still interested in the points please advise. The email you gave is not accepting replies from my service.

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