Any DVC'r in Southern CAL


Jan 18, 2002
Just wondering if there are other southern californian DVC'r on this board?
We're not from Southern California, but my son is -- and he is definitely a DVC'er, too. His name may not be on the deed, but he's there every time we are :) He used to be in Costa Mesa and just moved to Irvine.
Im a Los Angeles DVCer. Been a member since '98. stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and the Grand Californian on points. Usually I spend my points at DVC resorts but I also have cruised twice with points.

It would be fun to have a So Cal DVC meet at Disneyland sometime.

Southern California DVC'er here! It would be great to meet people at Disneyland (I even got an annual pass to DL this year!). Don't know how many of us there are!
Hey people.

It appears that some DIS'r are getting together at Anaheim in Feb. 2002, I'm not sure whether we (or at least I) are invited. Could check out their post at the "Community Board" under "Best Coast-..."
Hey SINK...why don't we all just meet for dinner at one of the Disney Restuarants or REsort Restaurants? HOw many DVC'ers do you think is in the Southern California Area?

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