1. GADisneyDad14

    WDW - COVID-19 Operations Info Thread

    Links/Resources Disney Park Pass Availability Calendar,resort,passholder Disney Park Pass Reservation Link Disney Park Pass New...
  2. rteetz

    Cruise and Theme Park Operational Updates due to Coronavirus

    We are going to keep a central place for updates regarding the parks going forward. Any official word from Disney will be posted here and in this first post. Off topic posts will be removed Walt Disney World Reopening Updates (News Only)...
  3. D

    Has anyone else been told to keep their reservation?

    Hi all, I spoke with WDW Reservations yesterday about my 10 day stay in mid-May. I was inquiring about moving it, what would and wouldn't change. I expressed it would be a hassle to re-book all the extras but I would rather get a start on it so I dont miss out on reservations and what I could...
  4. MUDoc81

    New SWGE Superthread! Now Open to All! (6/24/2019)

    My daughter was very excited to meet Rey the other day! So excited that we forgot to get her autograph! Does anyone have a picture they could upload of her signature? Thanks!
  5. J.J.

    MDE Question - Back to Back ressies

    Hey everyone. I am have question regarding two linked reservations on my MDE account. We are going to WDW in December. We check in on December 1st. and have a DVC reservation (rented points) at Kidani Village, and I have already purchased tickets and linked them to my MDE account. Here is the...
  6. J

    Rented points, Family Member visiting for one night

    Hello!! So I’m in a bit of a little pickle and haven’t been able to find the answer So I rented DVC points from and I’m all set for my studio at OKW! (Myself and my girlfriend) My girlfriend’s sister lives in Tampa and is going to meet us for dinner one night and then...
  7. E

    Downtown Disney Orlando Restaurant Team Dinner

    Do any restaurants in downtown Disney take large group reservations? Any suggestions or ideas would be so appreciated! We are taking a basketball team out for dinner Saturday night and the team mom nor coach has looked into places to go! So I've inserted myself to get something figured out...


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