1. D

    Rented Points

    I just recently stayed at a DVC Resort renting points from a member. My credit card shows a pending charge for the reservation in the amount of the stay. Has anyone ever rented and had their credit card charged as well. Just curious as to how the process works post checkout.
  2. B

    Boulder Ridge vs. Copper Creek?

    Hi all, We sadly had to cancel our September 2020 trip as the COVID-19 situation continues to look grim. As we prepare to re-book for 2021, my family is looking at booking the Wilderness Lodge, this will be the first time for us. We are wondering about the location of Copper Creek vs. Boulder...
  3. R

    DVC Resale From the UK!!!

    Hi All, New to the forum so apologies if this has been mentioned before. I have had an offer accepted from Fidelity on a resale contract for SSR. Contracts have been sent through to me to sign etc 1) Firstly They are advising to use First American, I have read some bad reviews and have heard...
  4. D

    Disney Visa and DVC Purchase

    Has anyone ever used their Disney Visa as a down payment on a DVC before. Didn’t know if it still came with the 2% back and the six months interest free financing.
  5. KovuLover

    DVC Reservations - Any Upgrades being Offered?

    With all of the upgrades from non-DVC to DVC hotels because of the closures, has a DVC Member with a DVC reservation received word of any upgrades? Im just curious if anyone has had success asking for or being offered a better room view or room size. We are paying a premium in points to go...
  6. J

    CLOSED - BeachClub 42 points for rent @ 14 per point. Points expire and must be used by July 31 2020

    I have 42 beach club points that expire at the end of July! Get a last minute trip in at a discount! Points are 14 dollar per point. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks james
  7. P

    CLOSED 200+ Polynesian Points, as low as $13/point for July and August (later dates available)

    Hello, we are new members to the forum, but have been visiting Disney for 30+ years and joined DVC in 2016 at our beloved Polynesian with a large number of points. We have a block of just over 200 points that expire in November, but given the uncertainty of the world, are looking for renters...
  8. S

    Booking Royal Caribbean through David's Vacation Club

    Hi everyone! I had a trip booked to Disney World this summer that I may have to end up cancelling since I am from an area that still has a quarantine order. David's Vacation Club told me I would be able to use the $1800 credit I will receive if I cancel to put towards a Royal Caribbean cruise...
  9. M

    Tickets for dvc guests during Covid-19

    With ticket sales being suspended will Disney sell to resort guests? We have a chance to stay at a DVC in Aug. but don't know if we'd be able to get into the parks. We'd rather not waste the points/gift if the parks are off limits to us.
  10. AdventureIsOutThere82

    Direct DVC Purchase Question

    Hi all! My husband and I are prepping to do a direct DVC purchase through Disney. Don't worry--we've done a lot of research over the last year. :) We are planning to buy the minimum 100 points and then later on add extra points through resale. We tried calling DVC this week but their phone...
  11. Helaman

    Renting DVC Direct - Exclusively to EU Residents?

    Who has experience renting extra DVC points direct, but with the prerequisite that the renter is an EU/UK/CH resident? I wonder if such a prerequisite would make looking for a renter as difficult as finding a unicorn, or if this might even fall on fertile ground. What platform did you use? DIS...
  12. R

    March 2019 UY points returned to 2020 -- what will happen to them?

    I am still really confused about how the extensions will work as it pertains to UY. Hoping someone can explain to me. We had 134 March 2019 points originally banked into 2020, which were used for a June 2020 reservation. We canceled the reservation at the end of March. March is not one of the...
  13. cobenz

    Thinking of buying - want advice

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying DVC within the next year or two (once I have more saved up) and am definitely thinking of buying at least partially direct from Disney. I think I would need 150 pts total in order to do all the vacations I am dreaming of. Wondering if you guys know how much stock...
  14. MinnesoTristan

    Considering DVC - Looking for Advice

    A little bit about me: -Recently sold my house, which allowed me to pay off my auto loan, student loans, and all credit card balances, with $6K left over to put into savings. -Recently accepted a new position with significantly higher earnings. -Parents will be retiring this year, and sister...
  15. T

    Possible first DVC contract Vero beach

    My girlfriend and I are looking into buying into DVC this would be our first contract. We thought about getting a contract at Vero beach or hilton head because they are much cheaper than buying at WDW but I still have some concerns. I know the resort expires in 2042 so it would be a shorter...
  16. Keetchino


    Screwed up and made a duplicate post, pls ignore
  17. starfrenzy

    Will availability at Aulani also be affected by the COVID-19 returned points?

    I was looking at using a TA rate to stay at Aulani in September 2020. Then we toyed with renting points, which would be cheaper, but I decided against it after seeing what's been happening with cancelled reservations recently. I'd rather have a fully refundable way of booking. I've also been...
  18. JHank44

    100 SSR Remaining @ $15/point use by Dec 1, 2020

    I have: 100 SSR @ $15/point good until Dec 1, 2020, I can also make reservations within a 7 month window at any DVC resorts if there is availability. I am an experienced renter, use a contract, and accept Paypal. PM me if interested. *updated listing to show remaining points.
  19. T

    Lost DVC points

    Disney World vacation Club issued a message that will cause any members with reservations during the shutdown to lose banked points: As we have shared, Disney Vacation Club has lifted the close-in reservation cancellation restrictions and will return any of your points back as vacation points...
  20. L

    points at 2 resorts

    Hello! I am doing my research to figure out what the best way to use DVC is...and I know this is probably different for everyone. I am considering buying 100 pts from disney to get member benefits (maybe I don't really need these but booking at Riv and future resorts would be nice to leave on...