1. L

    DVC resale/availability question

    Hello, I am thinking about buying DVC, and have looked at both resale and direct (and a combo of both). I thought about doing direct to maintain the benefits and potential for booking at riviera/future resorts. However, it seems that only members with certain resorts as their home resort will...
  2. J

    Buying Initial Contract at a Resort with an Early Expiration Date

    Hi there! My fiancé and I are looking at buying into DVC, and we decided to buy direct, and got a decent price from the rep that fits our budget for 50 points over at our FAVORITE resort, The Boardwalk!! (I know that may seem like a small amount, but we normally travel during the off seasons...
  3. A

    Best DVC resort for ADA Wheelchair Accessibility

    Hello! I looked at history for this in the forum, but couldn't find much recent. My family really enjoys Disney, but due to a combination of EDS and LGMD, my wife is about 95% wheelchair bound. She is permanently in prosthetics and braces on her legs, so even when she can walk, it's only a...
  4. Chrisizzle

    Riviera hurting: Feb 2020 email promoting Copper Creek.

    I got an email with special bonus for Copper Creek even though Riviera is on sale. (See attached) I’ve only gotten DVC emails for a few months and don’t know if this is typical, but this seems like a test balloon and/or further signs of slow sales at Riviera. It may be an experiment to see if...
  5. K

    DVC Class System - Should Disney sell a full benefits add-on?

    After watching the latest DVC show, Pete mentioned that Disney has created this DVC class system by putting in resale restrictions. I had never thought of this before and, in my opinion, it really devalues having a resale contract. I'm not saying having a resale contract is a bad thing as I...
  6. WebmasterJackie

    UPDATE: Down to 24 SSR Points for Rent – $15 PP – Must Use by March 31, 2020

    Hey folks, I had intended on posting this back in December, but I managed to catch the flu and it developed into pneumonia so I pretty much forgot to handle most of my grown-up responsibilities. :eek: Anyway, I see that there is some availability between now and the end of March at SSR so if...
  7. D

    Multiple Rooms with Dining Plan

    Hi, We are planning a WDW trip for January 2021 and are hoping for some answers for a few questions. First some trip details in case it changes the situation, we will be staying at 3 resorts most likely 2 rooms per resort all booked through DVC using points. We will have a total of 7 people...
  8. ValarDisneyus

    Wait, what just happened? (RIV post)

    Ok, we just bought RIV on Jan 22, 200 points at $188. We wound up paying 175.25 after developer credit & military discount. Now the price is 195$ per point, act now and you get $4000 developer credit and $550 military discount, meaning the effective price is NOW $172.25 per point. There’s...
  9. chunkymonkey

    Chunky, We're Home! A Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Double Preview! THE END 4/12 TR COMPLETE!

    Chunky, We're Home! A Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Double Preview August 2019 Hi everyone! It's been a while since I started a new TR. I am still working on a few others but one of them is almost done. I really need to post this TR before it gets too late and I forget everything! We got a chance...
  10. nodes101

    Some questions for any Canadian DVC owners out there

    I posted this quesiton on DVC Purchasing and got no love. So I'm putting the same question here for my fellow Canadians. We are currently researching buying into DVC. For a trial run we are renting points for a stay later in the year and we've considered buy in because our kids are little and...
  11. R

    Help me Decide - Renting DVC in August

    My wife and I are thinking about renting points for a trip this August (I know we're under 7 months) and we're debating about where to stay with our 9 and 5 year olds. We are looking at studios and planning on 9 nights. We have previously stayed at CSR and rented at OKW. The kids love to swim...
  12. S

    Renting for 2021

    Hey guys! My wife and I are looking to head to WDW in early 2021 and I recently sent a reservation request (it’s a tad early but they will hold it). However, upon sending my receipt, they also informed me of potential point shortages. I want to make sure I do my due diligence in reserving a room...
  13. M

    DVC Lounges

    Hello all, my first post so it's certainly exciting, I hope I word this correctly. If I was to purchase a DVC contract via resale, will those points suffice with getting me into Top of the World and/or the DVC Lounge at Epcot? Thanks in advance,
  14. K

    End of Contract Schedule

    Hi all, I've searched a bit on here and cannot find a schedule for each resort's "end of contact" year. For example, OKW ends in 2042 etc... Any help would be appreciated!
  15. G

    Is Buying into DVC While You're Young a Good Investment?

    Hi All! My fiance and I just returned from our first Disney vacation together (his first, not mine) and we went on a DVC tour at the Riviera resort. He has since become a "Disney person" and we have been seriously considering buying in to DVC while the points are in a decent price point. We...
  16. S

    Travelling with a child who has server anxiety

    Hi so my parents and I have travelled to WDW a lot when I was growing up. My husband has been once we are planning to take my daughter who will be 3.5yr next Yr in Sept when we go for 3 weeks. We may also have a baby with us when we go (still working timings out) She has recently been...
  17. S

    DVC Rental and Annual Pass

    Hello all! I will be renting DVC for 12 days in January 2021. We are planning to buy annual passes. With this said, I have two questions. First, how far in advance should/can I buy the annual passes before activation? Second, based on our DVC rental (for 12 days) and having annual passes (which...
  18. Y

    Using dvc points on Disney Cruise

    We bought direct last time now thinking about adding more points or buying resale this time. I understand booking Disney Cruise Line isn't the best use of points but don't understand why almost everyone is suggesting against it. Reading the point charts for 2020 Alaska Cruise, I see 223-235...
  19. D

    Newbie Canuck trying to figure DVC stuff out

    Hi friends, I am a BC mom with kids (5 and 8) and I want to do as much Disney time as we can before they are grown and gone...so in my hunt for ways to make it affordable (ha ha ha), I’ve learned about DVC rentals. It seems the biggest issue with DVC is booking/getting your travel dates? I...
  20. P

    Just stayed at FOUR different DVC hotels in a week. Some thoughts - Grand Floridian edition

    Hey all - so we just stayed at four different DVC hotels in a week from 12/13-12/20. I definitely have a lot of thoughts on these for sure, as they were all my first experience staying at them. 1. Animal Kingdom Lodge (1 BR - Kidani) 2. Polynesian (Studio) 3. Old Key West (1 BR - Home resort)...