1. S

    Just bought into Rivera DVC, thinking of cancelling and buying non-direct.

    On a cruise got caught up into buying into DVC for 250 points at Riviera. Just got home and after doing some research most likely will cancel and look into buying non direct. We have unique situation as well. We like to go to Disney every couple of years, BUT we live close to Galveston so...
  2. jriveiro724

    DVC Split-Stay & ADRs

    Hello, Disney Friends! We have two consecutive reservations with points at Bay Lake Tower (5 nights & 2 nights) and was wondering how that worked for ADRs for the last day of our trip. We wanted to make an ADR for the last day at California Grill and wanted to take advantage of booking...
  3. A

    Availability of 2BR units across DVC

    How hard are the dedicated 2BR units to book across DVC at both the 11 and 7 month mark? I know it really depends on the date and resort, of course, but not sure if there are some usable general-purpose answers... It sounds like studios are always challenging to land, but are 2BR the same? If...
  4. Smallywood1

    DVC Rentals

    Hey everyone! Ive been working on booking our honeymoon trip, and I keep getting tempted to use one of the DVC rental web pages. A few of them are showing a cheaper cost for staying with the rental than any of the value resorts on the main page. Has anyone used any of the rental websites? Were...
  5. jriveiro724

    DVC Website Sign-In Loop

    Hello! I am having a problem with signing into my DVC account. It keeps asking me to re-sign in and it's an endless loop. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and it does the same thing. I have turned off all add blockers, gone in incognito mode, etc. and nothing seems to work. Has anyone...
  6. bvolek86

    Booking Strategy

    Hi all. I'm hoping you more experienced DVC'ers can help me out. Our 7th month window starts on Monday and I'm wondering the best way to go about doing the following.... We are planning our trip for check in June 24, 2020; check out July 1, 2020. Ideally we would like to be at Jambo House for...
  7. Silly23

    Better investment DVC or Disney stock?

    That thought popped into mind when it hit me how much Im spending to purchase DVC. I am clueless when it comes to day trading and buying stocks and let my expert retirement lady handle all of that stock stuff. And if I asked her id bet dollars to donuts that shed say buy the stocks. The way...
  8. A

    First time DVC renter looking for advice

    Hi all, First time posting here but I've been reading through the forums for several years while planning various trips. This time around, I've decided to try renting points through a broker for 4 nights in a studio in September 2020. Looking at a BWV pool/garden view during F&W, I had a...
  9. A

    Travel Insurance - Renting DVC Points

    Hi everyone! Looking for some help with Travel Insurance. I've never purchased TI independently and have always purchased through Disney. However, we've decided to try renting DVC points this year for the first time. We will be bringing along my MIL and step-father in law and will be...
  10. Chrisizzle

    DVC resale member invited to Moonlight Magic.

    I am a new-ish resale owner at BLT. I just got an email from DVC with an invitation to book attendance at 2020 Moonlight Magic events. My resale contract should not get me into Moonlight Magic and the link does not actually work either. Before I get my hopes up: 1) Was I sent this in error...
  11. R

    DVC Direct Purchase Old Key West

    Hi, I am looking to make a direct DVC purchase but looking for OKW not the current selling Riviera resort, or SSR which they have a good supply of. I have a guide and have been placed on a list. Does anyone know how this list works and how likely I am to get 100 or 200 direct points this way...
  12. T

    Which DVC Villa to rent?

    So I really want to stay Polynesian Villa BUT I don't like that the 1 bedroom isn't available. I plan to stay for 2 weeks and I want a full kitchen because (crazy I know), Disney food doesn't impress me. It's too expensive and doesn't compare to a basic restaurant, let alone an upscale one but...
  13. donaldwest

    CLOSED: Points not available. Sorry. 230 Points for Transfer. Asking $17 per point. Old Key West is my home resort. Use by Nov. 2020

    CLOSED: Points not available. Sorry :) Hello All! I have 230 points that needs to be transferred by Nov. 30, 2020 I am asking $17 a point. If you are a DVC member already I can transfer the points to you. If not, there is no other option with me. I find it difficult and time consuming to find...
  14. T

    Two families in same suite

    We are taking my sister and her family to a 2 br dvc suite later this year. We all have the dining plan. Am I correct that since we’re all in the same “room”, the points will be pooled? Is there any way to split the points somehow to ensure that both families get their correct credits? thanks...
  15. ramo141

    CLOSED: CCV 156 available for rent or transfer $17 per point

    Hi, I have been a DVC Owner since 2018 and have used my points multiple times and this is my second time renting my points. My 156 points are available right now (62 points from use year December 2019 + 94 points from use year December 2020). My reservation periods are CCV 11 months and 7...
  16. maloned

    Vero Beach this Labor Day Weekend -- Tropical Storm / Hurricane Dorian

    Who else is going this weekend? I called DVC and we might be able cancel by tomorrow with no penalty (no points on hold). I really want to go. The storm is inching north. The center of the storm is projected to hit north of Vero Beach as a Category 2. Let's see what happens in 24 hours. Any...
  17. R

    New To DIS and DVC

    Hello, we are new to DISBOARDS and new members of DVC as of May 2019 at copper creek, and we couldn’t be more excited. We joined on here to absorb as much info and knowledge to better our selves with our newly found love for Disney!
  18. pkrieger2287

    Pete's DVC Resort Review: Copper Creek Villas and Cabins

    This week as part of the DVC 7 in 7, Pete and the team explore Disney's Copper Creek Villas & Cabins. There is an overview and walk through of the resort, as well as reviews for both Territory Lounge and Whispering Canyon. If you are a Copper Creek owner, share with us in the comments below what...
  19. shannie102

    My Purchasing Experience, with pictures!

    Hello Everyone!! I have been looking into buying DVC since 2016, stalking the resale sites and boards, and finally did it. While I was doing a lot of research I did not see anyone post exactly their experience from beginning to end. Lots of little snippets and quick reviews, but I really like...
  20. arissavolk

    Here is what happens when you upgrade a dining plan on Check-In day

    Just want to share our experiences as a cautionary tale to any who dare consider upgrading a dining plan on check-in day, even if the "your room is ready" text hasn't been sent yet. I now understand why they say a dining plan can be added up to 48 hours prior to check-in. My experience over the...


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