1. L

    Advice on 2 bedroom villa

    Hello- we just purchased DVC last August and have our first stay in April. For our 2nd stay we booked a 2 bedroom at Riviera for Jan 2022. It will be my husband and I, our 3 kids (4,7,9) and my husbands parents. I got the standard view 5 nights for 220 points. I think the riviera 2 bedroom...
  2. Timandalicia

    I wanna book 2022

    Called today and no dice. Does anyone have an inside scoop on when we can start booking 2022? Or I’ll even take some speculation. Are DVC members able to book? (Btw I know why I can’t book, so let’s just stick with the can).
  3. A

    DVC resale and direct Disney purchase question

    So I want to get join my family in getting a DVC membership, but I’m not too keen on the riviera prices for the amount of points I want to get (~250). So I’m looking at buying resale at Old Key West for stays, but I know you lose all kinds of perks buying resale. Does anyone know resources I can...
  4. pkrieger2287

    Disney Vacation Club - 30th Anniversary Special Streaming Event

    Disney Vacation Club is slowly kicking off its 30th Anniversary Celebration this month, but it sounds like we may be in for something a bit bigger starting tomorrow! Disney Vacation Club Kicks-Off 30th Anniversary Celebration with Special Streaming Event
  5. pkrieger2287

    December 2020 Right of First Refusal Report (ROFR)

    Check out the December 2020 Right of First Refusal Report (ROFR) from our sponsors over at DVC Resale Market! https://www.dvcresalemarket.com/blog/dvc-right-of-first-refusal-report-rofr-december-20-report/
  6. The DVC Moderators

    Please WELCOME a new DVC sponsor - message from Pete Werner

    Hey folks, I want to let everyone know that effective today we have a new sponsor for our DVC content - the World of DVC. The World of DVC encompasses DVCResaleMarket.com, DVCRentalStore.com and MoneraFinancial.com We have appreciated our time working with DVCStore and this change was strictly...
  7. kelsey2020

    Last-Minute Booking and Managing Expectations

    My husband and I just signed our very first DVC contract at OKW! But, I have a question for you all: My sisters and I have a WDW trip planned in April and I would love to be able to use our new points for this trip. My question is if our DVC points don't get transferred to us for a few months...
  8. P

    55pts LEFT of AULANI for rent @ $12pt REDUCED!!

    55pts left @ $12pt!!! To be USED BY: February 28th, 2021 Home Resort: Aulani Use @ ANY Disney Vacation Club resorts TWO night minimum booking Thank you
  9. R

    New DVC Owner Questions

    Hi All, Recently purchased my 1st DVC contract on the resale market for AKV. So chuffed as been visiting WDW since I can remember and this is my all time favourite resort. I have ALWAYS booked my previous Disney trips on the DisneyWorld website, adding Hotel/Tickets/Dining Plan/memory...
  10. R

    DVC Resale/Direct - Are you treated differently by CM’s?

    Just bought my first DVC contract on the resale market and was just curious to see if anybody who has bought resale before ever felt like they have been treated differently to that of Direct purchase owners? my understanding is that purchasing Direct you are given a blue membership card, where...
  11. pkrieger2287

    New DVC Fan YouTube Channel!

    Hey Everyone - Head over and give some love to the newest YouTube Channel in the DIS / DIS Unplugged Family! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrqGInKji-x7Rva_7M0WmrQ/featured
  12. H

    I paid off our DVC, now what?

    It's FINALLY paid off! What are some helpful tips and strategies to make the most of that property purchase? Thanking you in advance!
  13. W

    Use Year/ Banking for Future Reservation

    First time poster so please bear with me. I have an April Use Year contract. Currently, I have still have DVC points for 2020. I want to start making plans for the Magic Kingdom anniversary in October 2021. If I want to make that reservation in the next few weeks, can I still use my current...
  14. M

    No FP+ = No Bueno for us

    We are DVC members since 2010 when we bought into BLT during a stay and are very happy with our purchase. We had a trip from April 2020 and again August 2020 cancelled due to the pandemic. We are currently rescheduled for April 2021 but I am not sure if we are going to keep that reservation...
  15. L

    Will the Poly be a half experience?

    We're recent DVC owners, and one huge motivation for buying was my lifelong dream of staying at the Poly (Poly stay at Pop prices, amiright?) Our intention from the beginning was to book May/ June '21 as soon as we were able, but now the refurbishment has been announced with it's rather vague...
  16. A

    If not Reflections then where - Future DVC Resorts

    I know that is a long way off and there is still a lot of Riviera to sell but I have come to wonder what will be the next move for DVC if Reflections does not go ahead; I do hope it goes ahead though as I was one of the people who actually quite liked the disign. I know that the Disneyland DVC...
  17. L

    Reservations, walking, points allocation, magic bands

    Hello! I made my first DVC reservation this month for April which was in my 11 mo window. I booked a week at my home resort. I wanted a few days in the beginning of our trip at another resort. As of the day the 7 mo window opened up I grabbed reservations for that one - 1 day at a time by...
  18. O

    DVC resale on Old Key West contracts expiring in 2042

    As an international "newbie" to DVC I bought 200 points direct from Disney in March 2020 at Riviera Resort. We love Old Key West and are thinking of buying a second resale contract at OKW but noticed they all expire 2042. I get that the contract expires so we would only get 22 years but what...
  19. Goofy4Pooh

    Disneyland Grand Californian Resort Grand Villas

    We have booked a VGC Grand Villa for May 2021. I have seen views from the park side but never the pool side. Does anyone have pics looking out from the Grand Villa pool side? I have heard it has a good view of DL and the fireworks.
  20. HairyChest

    Just Back-Poly/AKL/GF/CCreek Stay

    I just got back from a 2 week trip as a first time DVC owner and I had an AMAZING time! 3 adults traveling and we wanted to try the different resorts to see what we liked. We took a flight from California and it was lovely having the middle rows blocked off with extra room to stretch our legs...