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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by kopppa33, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. kopppa33

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    Oct 1, 2012
    1. Can someone explain to me what a fantasmic experince ect is? I see that alot in posts and what it entails?

    2. Can some explain to me a wishes ect dinner ect?

    3. Can some explain the candlelight thing I see often at restraunts?

    4. Can you tell me if you have ate at any of the below places with the exception of the buffets obviously what your favorite thing is that you ordered or you have heard to try? I put whether or not it was lunch dinner or breakfast we are thinking.
    1. Ohana (Dinner)-Poly
    2. Ashkers-(lunch)-Epcot
    3. 1900 Park faire (Dinner)=after bbboop-Grand Floridian?
    4. Sanaa- AK (indian) (Lunch)
    5. Via Napoli (Dinner) Epcot
    6. 50’s primetime (Lunch) Epcot
    7. Biergarten Epcot
    8. Tuttoo Italia
    9. Chef Mickey (Breakfast) early as possible
    10. Yachtsman

    5. Can you tell me the kinds of food they have on the spread at Beirgarten that you liked ect. Trying to decide if I want to keep this one or not?

    6. if I have 4 people on the DDP could my kids and my husband and I split a dish at one of this that aren't buffet to allow for another eating experience in the same way? Hope that makes sense if not ask me :)

    7. Is Cali grill really worth all of the hype? Why or why not and what do you like there to eat. I am toying with this one in the realms of deciding if I should include this or a different signature restraunt on for the experience and oop for one of the cheaper options on my plan?
  2. ses1230

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    Aug 10, 2006
    1. The Fantasmic! dining experience is where you eat lunch or dinner at either HBD, H&V or MamaMelrose and included is a pass to the reserved seating area at F! You have to book it specifically as the F! dining package.

    2. Do you mean the Wishes dessert party? it is dessert party at Tomorrowland Terrace, with a special viewing area for Wishes. It is an extra cost and has to be booked b/c it fills up quickly.

    3. The Candlelight Processional is a Christmas show at Epcot. There is a band, choir and celebrity guest narrators that tell the story of Christmas. The package includes tickets and lunch or dinner at certain restaurants. It also needs to be booked specically as the package.

    5. Biergarten is a must-do for us. They have a large variety of salads that are so good, I have made a dinner plate of just salads. The meats are good too, and the oompah band is great fun to see.

    There are some of my thoughts. Hope that helps.
  3. minnie mum

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    Mar 8, 2011
    CG is probably one of the more child friendly of the signature restaurants. Only you know how well your children can handle a longish dinner in a more formal dining atmosphere. You can find the menus online to see if the selections are applealing for your family. The Sanaa or 50s PTC lunch would probably be the least expensive meals, if you need to pay OOP for one.
  4. kopppa33

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    Oct 1, 2012
    What exactly do you see and do at the fatasmic? What is special about seating F. I guess I am sitll really new to all this and confused?

    Do they do the candlelights in June or only certain months?
  5. parkhopping

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    Oct 3, 2012
    Fantasmic! is a pyrotechnics/fireworks show. If you're curious to know details and don't mind "spoiling" the experience for yourself a bit, you can watch a video of it here. During busier times, the theater for the show can fill up very quickly, and people often line up to get in an hour or two before the show. By doing the dining package, you get reserved seating and avoid the need to show up very early in order to get a good seat.

    The Candlelight Processional only occurs around the Christmas holidays and will not be performing in June.

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