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    Jan 2, 2007
    Hey all -
    Another YOMD report. On October 13, my DD and myself grabbed a Fastpass for Soarin', with a 10:30ish return window. We decided to grab an early bite at Seasons food court, then went back to the line the first minute we were allowed. Short line for FP, almost no wait. Got up near the bullpen and was stopped. Hear a MAJOR bunch of commotion going up ahead around the corner, but unlike many experiences I've heard about, we could not see what was happening, just hear LOTS of happy people. Although we were a little dissapointed we missed out on whatever it was, we really didn't know about YOMD or what had happened so we just didn't worry about it. We get our turn to go to into the bullpen...and got stopped before we line up in the cage. They counted us off and ask us to line up against the wall.

    All the sudden, CM's dressed in blue and white appear out of nowhere and begin explaining that this is the year Disney makes your dreams come true. DD and I were totally freaking out because at this point we knew we won something but didn't know what. Then they pull out the dream fastpass cards and give one to each of us and explain what it is. Lots of screaming and congratulations go around and we board Soarin' for our ride feeling pretty good!

    We wore ours around our neck, and throughout the morning Disney CM's would stop us to look at them or congratulate us for winning. At that point we are guessing they were so new many CM's possibly had not seen them yet. Winning was a nice perk during an already good day and we enjoyed the feeling of 'winning' something.

    That said, I'm kind of torn about the promotion. In theory it is a good idea, but there's always two sides to everything. For every person that 'wins', you have someone that feels like they 'lost' - and in this case, it's LOTS of someones!

    The Good - The feeling that we had won something; not waiting for rides; a cool souviner (the fastpass card).

    The Bad - I can't think of one, but if I had too, it was slow that day and you really didn't need fastpasses. That's not really a bad thing but the only possible negative I can think of!

    The Ugly - The way some other Epcot guests treated us that day!! We would hear people talking about us "how did THEY get something/why are THEY special/THAT'S NOT FAIR!/How did you get that and we didn't" etc etc. After we rode what we were interested in, we put them in our backpack so we didn't have to hear people talk negatively about us.

    The entire Epcot experience (not just the FP's but everything) in October made us excited enough to ask DH for annual passes to Disney for Christmas, the first time we had bought AP's since '97-'98. It can be a boost to attendance I'm sure, but on the flip side, I also see how it can work to the negative for those who pay a LOT of money to visit WDW and therefore have the 'entitlement' mindset.

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    Congratulations on the dream fastpasses!

    I think anyone going in expecting to win something has the wrong mindset. You are going to WDW to have a fun time. People have gone before this promotion for that reason alone, and people will continue to do so after this promotion ends.

    Even before this promotion, there have always been random bits of magic - riding in the front of the monorail, flag raising at WL, princess of the day at Norway and the list goes on. These random events are a bonus to be enjoyed, but if they do not happen, you should still have a great trip having fun at WDW.

    Anyone going in with an attitude of entitlement is going in with the wrong attitude. Just my $.02.

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