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    Fish Chowder

    2.5 Cups of Cauliflower (2.5 total net carbs)
    1 to 1 1/4 cup Heavy Whipping Cream (6.4 net carbs in one cup)
    2tbsp. Butter (no carbs)
    1/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese (to your taste, no carbs so add a little more if you want)
    3 Flounder Filets (could be any white fish) (no carbs)
    Onion Powder (No carbs)
    S&P (No Carbs)
    Chicken Bouillon Cube
    2tbsp. Cream Cheese (I used whipped) (1.6 net carbs)

    Forgive this recipe if it seems a little sloppy...lol, as I made it as I went tonight, but it turned out pretty darn good and its lo Carb... and I just love fish and chowders.

    In a sauce pan, boil Flounder in 2 cups of water, a dash on onion powder, add 1 tbsp of butter and the bouillon cube, cover and boil for around 10 minutes till white and flaky. Drain broth into container and flake fish, set aside.

    Boil Cauliflower for 10 minutes or until soft, drain and use hand mixer to mash. Mix in 2 tbsp of Cream Cheese and a dash S&P if you wish. After this is mixed add in Cheddar Cheese. Mix again until consistency of Mashed Potatoes. Add in fish, if you want you can mix this with the hand mixer as well or leave in chunks.

    Now pour 1 cup of the broth into the mix, stir. Add the Heavy Cream, stir. If this is too thick add more broth, it has no carbs so use as much as you want/need. Blend with mixer a little more. I like to bring it to a boil once more and enjoy. (Adjust S&P and Onion Powder to your taste, they are not required).

    This soup taste very rich, but don't worry, I used the Atkins Carb counter and calculated the carbs for each ingredient and the total for the whole pot is 12.5, and that's throwing in 2 carbs to cover the trace in the cheese I used and the bouillon cube said trace Carb. Being that I believe there is atleast 6 cups in this making it only 2 net carbs per serving of one cup. Yummy!

    This soup can be refridgerated and is actually even richer and thicker next day.

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