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Jan 5, 2000
Nine days ago, I emailed MS that we were interested in an add on at BCV, would they forward the message to our guide and have him contact us. Well, MS emailed the next day saying that they had forwarded our message to our guide. We have heard nothing from him. Two years ago when we added on at HH, we were always playing phone tag , he was never in the office,he never returned calls and frankly didn't seem interested in our little add on. I am sure that he is busy and I think he may be putting us off because we are in NY, but he could at least leave a message or email saying, he got our message and would get back to us when NY was approved. What do you think??
I'd dump him in a minute.

Not returning calls when all you want is information to help you buy something from Disney.....inexcusable!

I'd call up the general DVD number and ask to be re-assigned. They will probably resist, but if you are firm, they really have no choice if they want your business.
Our guide was the same way. Always " He's here, we just can not find him. He'll call you back". He never did.

When we did an add on last June, I called and asked to speak to the first guide avalible. They wanted to "find your guide". I politely said no and explained why. They gave me a very nice fellow who took all my info. Two hours later my guide called back and rushed the sale through. He was always calling during the process and after the closeing has continued to call and write. Maybe he was spoken to.
I'd like someone different, but I'm too cowardly to say so.

Our guide returns calls and is very pleasant, but he keeps telling me it doesn't matter where you buy -- you can stay everywhere easily. We have discussed that here, and everyone tells me that is not so...

The answer to your original question is "No, I would not want to change guides". Linda Smit is my guide and I couldn't be happier. I suggest you call DVC and ask to speak to her. She will take very good care of you.
Jenna Cornell is our guide - she has provided good service. Always returns our calls within 24 hours, and has even called on one of her off days.

ralphd:) :) :) :)

I never knew that was an option or we would have changed after our initial purchase.
Originally posted by BethA
I never knew that was an option or we would have changed after our initial purchase.
My understanding is that DVD will try to talk you out of changing guides, but the bottom line is that you are the customer and have the right to deal with someone you are comfortable with.

My guide was very nice, professional, but didn't have a great personality. Provided answers when I asked questions, always called me back, and did offer some personal service (show me around) when I visited WDW after buying. For me, that's all I wanted, so I was happy. I could see where others might want a little more warmth out of a sales person, or chattiness, or whatever.

These are big investments folks. You have every right to having a good relationship with your sales person.
We *have* changed guides. When we were first interested in DVC, we contacted them via phone and were assigned one guide. She was very friendly, and we set up a meeting for when dh & I would be on a 4-day trip to WDW a couple of weeks later.

While we were at WDW, we didn't have a car, and the guide never offered to send the DVC van for us. We made our way on foot to the BWV sales office and she wasn't even there!! They tried to find her for 60 minutes and she never showed up! Another guide showed us the units (so briefly; guess he knew he wasn't getting a sale) and when we returned to our room at PO later, "our" guide had left a message offering to reschedule. And give up more of our vacation time? I don't think so!

Our current guide, while he did his "job" in calling us and inviting us to buy into VWL, has been terrible ever since. We just did an add-on at VWL, and then I called right after BCV came onsale and left a message about another add-on there. Well, you all know when that was, and he hasn't even returned the call!!!! My dh said, "That's it, DVC apparently has enough of our money, we'll stick with what we have at VWL." And I don't disagree.
I keep reading post about guides that call/write folks about upcoming price increases, new points becoming available at sold out resorts, thanks you notes for referrals, etc. I have NEVER received one letter of phone call from my guide (original purchase and two add on's). You can be sure if we ever decide to purchase additional points I will not be talking to our guide, he's out of here!
My guide is Judy Kaufman her number 1-800-827-7163- she always returns my calls and yes she tells me when something I wanted is going to be sold out. but you have to let her know you are interested.

My first guide (also a Judy) had to leave due to health problems, I have done the last two add-on with Judy K, so when DVC assigned me to someone else I immediately called Judy K and she got herself assigned to me - thank goodness!!! She is good.
Randy Kruger is our guide and we LOVE him. He always seems to be there, he always answers his phone (no annoying voice mail). If I do get his voice mail, he ALWAYS calls back and apologizes for not being there. We always receive promotional "stuff" in the mail from him. And he has been there forever and he is not going anywhere. He is absolutley tops on my list.
BTW, we had an original women and she was TERRIBLE!! I knew more information (thanks to these boards) then she did. We dumped her without even thinking about it.:D :D :D
I just dont know if we click with our DVC guide. :rolleyes: It is not that is she is bad or anything.... I guess I was hoping for someone more magical..... if that makes sense. :earsboy:
Plus I feel like I have to pull teeth to get any information out of her..... :confused: I would like a guide who tells me everything, seems excited about it, works the numbers quickly (for all my options), and well.... treats me like a loved family memeber! LOL Is that too much to ask??? :earsboy: :D :D :D :earsboy:
Originally posted by Laurabearz
I would like a guide who tells me everything, seems excited about it, works the numbers quickly (for all my options), and well.... treats me like a loved family memeber! LOL Is that too much to ask??? :earsboy: :D :D :D :earsboy:
Well, a loved family member is asking a lot, but some genuine enthusiasm would be nice. I mean, every sale they make is thousands of dollars....it's not like they're asking if you want fries or a soda with that burger!
I've always been amazed over the care and follow-up others have received from their guides. We purchased in 1997, and never heard boo from her. We followed up with her in 1999 when we added on at OKW and BWV. We had to track her down both times. She hasn't called us since..never asked us if we were interested in VWL...and not expecting to hear from her about the beach club. We tried to change guides when we added on...but she was in the office when we called about our first add on, and we were transfered to her before I could request a new guide. She's always done her job...but only if we have followed up with her first.
BOBBY CORSELLO is our guide and we LOVE him. He's a great guy, always returns our calls, and he even called us after 9/11 knowing that my husband and I both worked in the WTC area. He's a wonderful guide, and when my mom is ready to join DVC we will send her to him knowing how well he will treat her.

:D :D :D
Just like a car salesman -- sometimes you hit it off and develop a somewhat personal relationship. Sometimes you get occasional notices about service center "deals" and that's about all you ever hear from them again. Same with DVC. There is really no need for them to keep in touch unless they want to continue to mine additional sales.

However, when you do call and ask about something it would be nice to get a response. I put in a request for the new video on the website. I got a call from a very nice woman who inquired whether I just wanted the video or since I was a member (I guess they track everything these days) would I be interested in additional information about the new offerings? I did express an interest and asked a few questions. She said my guide would have to be the one to answer them and, since I wanted financing info, also the one to put together my package. She gave me the name of my new guide -- I have no idea when he was assigned to me -- and said he was out that day but would call the next. It is now over a week later and I've received no phone call. :( That's very impressive on his part. If I do decided to an additional purchase I think I'll be requesting someone who has the slightest bit of interest. ;)

Just re-read this -- I didn't mean that it isn't possible for a guide to take a real personal interest in someone and be genuine in that friendship. That happens sometimes but shouldn't necessarily be expected.
I called my guide about the possibility of buying an add on at BCV today. She never called back. How long should I give her to call back. I am skeptical and might ask for a change.

Love to hear your thoughts
I feel very bad that I don't remember my guide's name. I think it's Diane. (this is not an indication of her performance it's simply that I'm not good with names) but I'm really shocked by the posts here. I've been so happy with my guide. We let her know last year that we were looking forward to BCV's going on sale and last week she called. But honestly, if I wasn't happy... yep! I'd be changing!

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