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Jan 17, 2002
Ok, just trying to understand the process to maximize my points. I'm a member of mypoint and blink. Could someone tell me if this would work?

1. Order a webcertificate from mypoints. (Get mypoints points for purchase)

2. Use webcertificate to order an Old Navy (or for another offer) gift certificate from Blink. (Get Blink points).

3. Redeem Mypoints and Blink points for webcertificate cards about a month before our trip.

I assume this would work so I could maximize my points, but we all know what happens when you assume! <VBG> If this works, I'm going to have to rethink every purchase I make online!

Thanks all you reward program experts!
First of all you have to understand that webcertificates are not a card. When you sign up for a webcertificate account, you are given an account number which is really a mastercard account number. If you do all your shopping online, you never need to order the plastic card-you just enter the mastercard number when you get to the check out page.You only need to order the plastic card(a one time charge of about $7) if you go to a brick and mortar-that's a store like Target that you drive to-so they can run it through the register for a purchase.

Now, can you use a webcertificate to to order from Old Navy or other site and get points for rewards? Yes, if you're talking about an online store. You can use it up to the amount deposited in your account. If you go to the brick and mortar, you'll need the plastic webcert card.

If you redeem for blink and mypoints rewards, you can put all the webcerts you redeem for in one account. It doesn't matter to webcertificate.com or to the rewards program into whose account you put the webcerts. My whole family does rewards and all the webcerts go into one account for our vacations ( the kids are getting older-don't know how much longer I can pull that off LOL). When you redeem for a webcert, the reward program sends you an email with a link that when you click on it, will send you to the webcertificates.com homepage. They will then ask for the email address and password of the account into which you want the webcert deposited.

Hope that makes sense. My mother-in-law came by this afternoon and I've had a glass of wine to calm down.
Ok, I think I understand. By the way I understand about the mother-in-law thing, but I have a question, you were able to stop after one glass??? <VBS>

When I purchase my first webcertificate, they open an account in my name, so in theory, I could keep buying webcertificates and adding them onto that one account? Then, if I want to get a card before going to Disney, I could pay a $7 fee for that? Is this correct? Hope I didn't over simply everything.

Don't forget that Webcertificate adds on a service charge every time you purchase a webcert. Fees for gift webcerts are something like $2.95/$20, $3.95/$50, $4.95/$200. Just adding funds straight from your credit card to your own webcert account costs $1 a pop. So unfortunately the 50 mypoints you get won't cover the service charges. :( If there is a way to get around the fees, I'd love to hear it too!

YOu really don't have to go through the expense of buying the plastic cards from webcertificates. I've done this 3 times already and its worked every time!!:bounce: b all
I did was prine out the page with the account # on it and take it TDS and ask them to run the # through manually and I buy $DD with it. I feel better having the $DD in my hot little hand then a CC (I'm afraid that when I would go to use it while on vacatin for some reason it wouldn't work. At any rate I've done this 3 times I've also answered other posts
on this and the people tried it and it als worked for them so good luck:) let me know what happens and write if you have any ?s hope this helps:)
You've got it, Denise. Before you're ready to redeem your first webcert, you go to www.webcertificate.com and set up an account. It won't cost you anything and you'll be all set when you get your webcert in your email. As long as you are redeeming for webcerts, you don't have to pay any fees. As I understand it, any fees are built into the price of the webcert when you redeem it.

Dznypal is correct about using your webcert at Disney Stores. A lot of people have had sucess doing it, and I guarentee if you come to the Disney Store in Roosevelt Field on Long Island when I'm working, I'll put it through for you-no problem LOL

As for the fees that BuckeyeBelle mentioned, they only apply if you are funding your webcert by using your credit card or buying a webcert to give as a gift for someone else. Those fees don't apply if you're redeeming through a rewards program.

Thanks LI Debbie.....but I think your store is a little far for me! I live in South Central PA. I think I now have a better handle on this whole webcertificate thing. We're not going until November, so I hope to rack up some points until that time! I wish I would have known about this before last Christmas. I do quite a bit of online shopping. Oh well, there's always next year!
Sorry bout the double post, but I thought of something else and I thought that might help me. If I buy Disney gift cards, can I redeem them at the Disney Store for Disney Dollars?
Maybe someone else can explain why cuz I didn't really understand what the cm was telling me.



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