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    Dec 17, 2004
    Hello everyone!

    For those new to us, we're a group of people who are planning to participate in walking/running events throughout the year. Some of us are training for the 2006 Disneyland Half and for the 2007 WDW Half/Full marathons. We'll also be posting news/training for various other events throughout the year. We range from non-running beginners to triathletes. Come join us, whether you're training for an event or walking/running for fitness!

    Here's the Marathon FAQ, a great place to answer your marathon questions:
    Disney Marathon FAQ
    And some websites for further running/walking info:
    The John Bingham site:
    Jeff Galloway's site:

    Race Etiquette with Miss Road Manners

    Pacing Calculator

    Good training everyone!
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    Dec 17, 2004
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  4. plutosmyfav

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    Sep 19, 2002
    oops, the new week started while I was busy posting my thread. So I'm double posting to be current!

    Hi Guys
    This is kind of a downer post. I can’t get ahold of Mom, so you’ll have to hear my wining. :confused3

    As you know, I’ve been overwhelmed at work. Friday was a night mere. I got there at 8:30AM and turned around and found myself frantically trying to tie up lose ends at 5:30 so I could get to DS’s daycare on time. I don’t have 9 hours of recollection; it was all a blur. All I know is I have a “drop dead” deadline of April 18th that was supposed to be last Thursday and I still don’t know what I’m doing. I did something very out of character. I marched down the hall and grabbed people. (well, not literally) I basically said “do you know hardware? Come with me”, “do you know Simulink? I need you right now”. I did this until I had 6 hardware experts and two new guys that didn’t know any better. I have no authority to pull people off of their own projects but it’s a funny thing, when you speak with authority people responds affirmatively. I’m sure the new guys were thinking “who the h is she?” They probably went back to their desks to check the roster.

    The good news is that not one of them could solve my problem, and the 8 of them forming a think tank still couldn’t come up with a “oh that’s how it goes” sort of aha moment. This is good news because I have been drowning in self-doubt and insecurity because the higher ups that dropped this in my lap keep telling me this should be trivial and acting curious as to why I’m struggling. Well if 6 MIT experts don’t see a readily obvious solution then it IS NOT TRIVIAL. Not to mention this is the sort of thing people go to school for 4 years to learn how to do. I got it dropped in my lap and the next thing I know I’m being billed as a hardware expert. The bad news is the flip side of the good news that my team of experts didn’t see a readily obvious solution and I still have to make this work.

    The reason this is even remotely pertinent to the thread is I am battling a full blown panic attack. All day Friday and today my chest has been so constricted I have to force myself to take deep breaths. The only time that I don’t feel scared that I could be losing control is while I’m running. I even tried other exercises. I ran 6.5 miles today and my breathing was under control. On top of that, my blood pressure is out of control. I don’t know if its this panic stuff or one or both of the meds I had to start after the marathon, or the fact that I’ve been really sick for two weeks. But my normal bp is ~128/78. I’ve been monitoring it since Friday and I’ve had readings as high as 150/105 but mostly 140/95. And my usual "bragging rights" resting pulse rate in the 40s is now in the 90s! Can panic really cause that kind of a spike? I’ve been on the meds since mid-January so its odd that they could all of the sudden cause this. I’m a wreck. I've been working late, missing workouts and hardly seeing my family.

    Sorry to be such a downer. My chest is imploding. I'd give anything to walk out those doors and never look back. Too bad I earn 80% of the family income. :confused3 :sad2:


    PS I did get in 6.5 miles thogh :goodvibes I ran at the track with my eyes closed! I just let my eye lids flutter enough to see the white lines on each side of my body. It was very trance like and therapeutic.
  5. chimera

    chimera <font color=deeppink>WISH Racing Team Member<br><f

    Dec 17, 2004
    :scared1: I'm going to quit whining about the weather for awhile. Last week, I was complaining about the heat, so this week it's cold. Cold enough that I did my 4 miles on the TM today. I did R3/W2 and ended up with a 14:27 pace...not bad for the TM, but certainly not the 13 minute miles I was flirting with outside last weekend.

    Carol...congrats on your 3.5 miles! Good luck with your busy week!

    Sunny...have you been taking any OTC cold or sinus meds? Anything with a decongestant like Sudafed (phenylephrine, pseudoephedrine) can spike B/P and heart rate. If there's any chest, arm or jaw pain or shortness of breath with your chest tightness, go directly to your ER, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Heart symptoms are usually more intermittent than constant, but women don't always have the kinda symptoms we expect. Could be anxiety, reflux or reflux inspired by anxiety. I ended up in my primary's office a couple years ago with wicked chest pain due to a horrible work situation and ended up with garden-variety reflux. And a plug for my specialty, heart rate and B/P could be an over-exuberant thyroid. If you don't feel up to the ER and this stuff doesn't improve with time this weekend, definitely call your primary on Monday. Feel free to PM me...I'd be happy to look at your new meds. Not likely they'd cause symptoms like this after 2 months, unless they're hormones...could cause a clot.

    Papa...LOVE Bearnese Mountain Dogs! Am I the only one that watches Westminster every year? ;) Our dog's a pound puppy...part border collie and part :confused3 .

    Jodi...congrats on making your fundraising goal! Hope you're feeling better and get to try the new Garmin soon!

    Kim...what training plan are you following?

    Lisa's back!

    Nancy...glad to hear the injections are over!

    TnT...congrats on your 3 miles! Great pace :banana:

    Jen...congrats on your workout!

    Tiff...how many days until Minnie?

    Carrie...how was your weekend?

    Cam...hope you're feeling okay. How's the hip?

    Dana... :wizard: for you and DS with the surgery.

    Helen...did you make your deadlines? Are you sure you can't stretch that holiday just a teensy bit? :teeth:

    MelR...race report!

    Who else was racing this weekend?

    We have some health issues lately. DD13 was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis 2 weeks ago...basically something she was born with. We've been referred up to the children's hospital in St. Pete, but are still waiting for the scheduler to call us to set it up. The treatments are surgery or just watching to see if it worsens. She's about done growing by standard estimates, so there's a possibility it won't get much worse. Other problem is that she may need heart and kidneys checked...since this appears to be a birth defect, we might have to look at other organs that developed at the same time as the spine to be sure they're okay.
    And we found out that DH is wildly allergic to the cat...and the oak trees in our yard...and the neighbor's yard...and the whole state ;) We can't do anything about the trees and he's not willing to send the cat away. We got the cat a few months before our wedding...cat was only 8 weeks old and fit in the palm of your hand. Looks like allergy shots may be in his future.

    That's our saga for the week! Good training everyone!
  6. gradtchr

    gradtchr <font color=teal>When I went to school, there was

    Nov 16, 2004
    Sunny-Big hugs to you panic attacks are the worst. Med wise there are some medications that you can be on that won't affect you at first but given time the side effects will begin and can get worse. It's worth checking out with your doc. Great job on the run.

    Mel-I hope things go ok with your daughter! As for your DH being allergic to everything I am too but there's no way I would give up my meowsers or by bunnies or the outside. I'm not on shots because I hate needles but am controlling with claritin but the doctor loves to try to have me get rid of my animals and it won't ever happen! :teeth:
  7. jodistar

    jodistar DIS Veteran

    May 2, 2004
    Hi Everyone,

    Feeling a little bit better today (slept most of yesterday). If I don't go out with the Garmin - I will definitely go down to the fitness center......I have to do something it's driving me crazy being in all of this time.

    Mel - What is congenital scoliosis? I had scoliosis (curviture of the spine) I ended up having an operation on my back when I was 11....not sure what I went through is the same thing. :wizard: for your daughter.

    I'm with your DH - can't get rid of the cat :)I too am allergic to cats but I couldn't never get rid of the cats. I used to do shots but I got such a bad reaction, so I now do drops although......Medical Insurance does not pay for the drops (it gets expensive). Just throwing out another option.

    Well, I am going to run for now - hopefully I will have something to report later.

  8. lizdotcom99

    lizdotcom99 <font color=purple>Tags Have Been Donated<br><font

    Nov 21, 2001
    Good Morning!

    Sunny, please take care of yourself! Sorry to hear of all your woes. That does not sound like a fun situation to be in. Hope you are feeling better soon and that you can find a solution between you and all those IT guys!!

    Mel,sorry to hear about your daughter! Thinnking good things about her appointment and that everything else is OK. Sorry about the hubby too! I am another one of those allergic to EVERYTHING!! I have been allergic to my dog forever. There is no way he is ever going anywhere. We are both content to have him sleep where he always has....right next to me. My doc gets so mad about that. What can you do. I live with my itchy eyes and take LOTS of allegra. I once had a very bad reaction to the shots...so they are not an option for me. With or without the little guy, I still am allergic to so many things, he is just one more to add to the list/ Allergies are just something I have learned to live with.

    Hi Beth, how is your training going? Hope all is going well!

    Here is my news...I have been having some horrible back pain for the past few days! Today is the first day I can actually get out of bed and stand up straight! My half is less than a week away...and I am SO Undertrained!! Imagine that....anyway, I haven't decided what I am going to do yet..I may jsut do the 5K....or walk as much of the half that I can....there is still time to figure it all out. None the less, we are going to have a great time!! Hope for good weather in Columbus Saturday!

    I start my new job tomorrow and an very excited! The first week...actually first 4 days...I am off on Friday :teeth: is looking pretty intense. I have to attend a week's worth of classes on all kinds of stuff. Should be interesting..or at least I am hoping it is! Anyway, off to finish reading the 9000 pages of HIPPA stuff for Monday.

    Looks like we are going to have a nice day here...so a walk will be in my agenda!!

    Happy training!!!

  9. TiffJ

    TiffJ DIS Veteran

    Dec 26, 2002
    6 WEEKS UNTIL MINNIE!!! :cool1: :thumbsup2 :cloud9: :woohoo: :lovestruc :cheer2:

    ok , just had to put in alot of happy smiles. Not that I'm counting down or anything ;) And it is actually only 5 weeks, 5 days until I leave for it.

    I was supposed to do 6 miles yesterday but was only able to do 4.7 because I got a cramp in my side. I tried to walk it off, but it wouldnt go away so I quit. Not a happy camper about that. My mom (who also does the Disney races) did a 10k yesterday & her pace was 13:11. And that is with NO running. I told her I was going to have to book it to keep up with Nana. DS said "you should be faster than her, she's old" Aren't kids cute :rolleyes1

    Today is swimming & DS brick workout. 2 miles bike & 1/2 run is what he needs to do. He is doing great with his kids marathon & I am so thrilled about it.

    Sunny-it could be the meds or it could be stress. Sounds like you have had more than your fair share lately. I hope you get it figured out soon (both health & computer issue :goodvibes )

    Mel-Good luck with DD. DS5 had some health issues when he was a baby. I know how it is to worry about your kids. We are here for you :grouphug: I am getting soooo excited about the Minnie.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!!!
  10. DisneyGirl

    DisneyGirl DIS Veteran

    Jan 17, 2005
    Sunny-- I hope everything starts to work out better!! I used to be an engineer and used to work with modeling software and stuff like that all the time-- this probably won't be comforting at all, but I wouldn't be able to count the number of times that I couldn't solve a problem, and it seemed like it would never happen, only to have everything click at some point. It will work out, but take care of yourself in the meantime!!!!

    Mel-- I'm sorry to hear about your daughter-- I'm sure everything will be fine. I can relate to your husband's allergies-- I'm allergic to everything (except cats, that is)-- and this is the time for them to start surfacing!!

    Liz-- be careful with your back-- I had some horrible back pain a few months ago, and ended up just making it worse because I wouldn't rest!

    Tiff-- I can't believe it's only six weeks until the Minnie!!! I guess i've been so fixated on the Columbus 1/2 that I completely ignored it! I have to get going on figuring out my training for the five weeks after the 1/2 next weekend! Don't worry about not hitting the whole 6 miles-- it's just 1 run, and you did make most of it!!!

    I'm off to get in my last "long" run before the Columbus 1/2-- 5 miles-- I really hate tapering-- I have so much energy, and I feel like I'm just not doing enough!!! It's 35 degrees out, but because I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather (however will I train for the Goofy during Cleveland winters???), I'm going to the gym to run around the indoor track 50 times :-)!
  11. jodistar

    jodistar DIS Veteran

    May 2, 2004
    Quick Question:

    Most of you have mentioned wearing a belt that you carried stuff in during the marathon. What do these look like, where do you get them? The only belts that I have ever seen are the belts that give you support while lifting weights.
  12. Mouse Skywalker

    Mouse Skywalker <font color=green>The Force is strong with this Po

    Aug 3, 2005
    Good Morning Everyone:

    I ran with my AP Learn to Run program yesterday, and had a great run. I was at the very back of the pack, and ran and chatted with another woman. But I ran 2.5 miles in 26 min. I felt pretty good. I'm going to try for another 3-4 mile run outside today. I was talking to the people at the Fleet Feet running store, and I decided to volunteer to help out with the "Spring Forward" 15K on April 2nd. I thought I could bring the princesses princess: princess: and they could see a race too and cheer on the runners.

    MelR - Wishing you luck on the Hogeye Marathon today! Can't wait to hear about it.

    Jodi - You've done a great job with your fundraisers. Congratulations! And good for you those are both such great causes. Good luck getting over your cold, and hope you can get out there next weekend with your group.

    Kim - where in Upstate NY are you? I'm thinking of running the Genesee River Trail in Rochester for my training today.

    Hi Lisa :wave2: long time no see. Good to hear from you again. and good luck on your decision to run the Minnie.

    Dana - Here's PD :wizard: :wizard: for everything you have going on in your life right now. It sounds like you really have your hands full.

    Oh Sunny - I'm sorry you're having such a rough time at work right now. Hopefully your bosses will see what you're dealing with is not trivial at all. It definitely sounds like your panic attack is affecting your health and blood pressure. Hang in there, take some time for yourself. I think the runs are the best thing you can do right now to clear your mind. Maybe you could try some meditation or relaxation exercises too. You can get through this just take it like you would your training, one step at a time. And run...

    OK, now I'm off to read the posts for this week's thread.
  13. Mouse Skywalker

    Mouse Skywalker <font color=green>The Force is strong with this Po

    Aug 3, 2005
    OK, now that I'm reading the posts from this week, there's a couple of other things I want to reply to.

    Mel/Chimera - I hope everything goes well with DD13's scoliosis. I hope it doesn't affect her too much and she doesn't have any heart or kidney defects. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your daughter.

    How did your run go Jodi? Hope you're feeling better. Did you get to play with your Garmin yet? I'm really coveting one of those. I have this dinky Timex Ironman running watch that I use. It was really my DWs, but she's not using it anymore. The face is so small I can barely read it. I've been dropping lots of hints that for Father's day I would love to get a Garmin or maybe the Timex Bodylink system. Jodi - I've seen the fuel belts at my running shoe store. I'm sure they have some there. Do a google search on "running fuel belt" and you'll find them pretty quickly. Here's a link for one I came up with.


    Liz - Good luck with your new job. Have fun! How exciting. Except for the HIPAA stuff - yuck. I hate sorting through all that government gobblydy-gook.

    Tiff - Oh how I wish I could be out there with all you guys for the Minnie. I'll be there in spirit.

    Sunny - here's some more PD :wizard: :wizard: to wisk all of your stress away.

    Run like the wind Mel!!!! Or crawl like a snail... whatever gets you there.
  14. k_hase

    k_hase Mouseketeer

    Jun 18, 2002
    Haven't run yet today, planning 15 this afternoon once its a little warmer...

    Sunny: sorry about your stress but loved hearing about your theraputic run, those are the best. Hope things improve.

    Mel: I'm following the Furman Institutes First to the Finish plan, its 3 hardcore running days and 3 hard cross training days. My short race times are improving, we'll have to see about the marathon times.

    Liz: Good Luck in Columbus, I hate the week leading up to the race, its usually the time when every ache, pain, and doubt creep into my head, but on race mornign you'll be fine!

    Jodi: one brand name is fuelbelt. They sell belts that hold small flasks of either liquid or gel. There are also fuel belts (generic) that hold a larger water bottle. Roadrunner sports or your local running store can help.

    Dave: I live in Sodus, east of Rochester and work in Webster at the HS and part time at Medved running in Pittsford. I typically run out here, but know lots of folks who run Ovendoor on sat. mornings in Pittsford along the canal path. We also run together tuesday nights at MCC, we meet in the ESL parking lot at 6. The road loop is 2 miles, we do between 3 and 4 loops depending, at what ever pace strikes you. There are some wicked fast guys, but lots of regular people too. After we usually go to dinner in Fairport at Donnelly's. You should join us.
  15. Mouse Skywalker

    Mouse Skywalker <font color=green>The Force is strong with this Po

    Aug 3, 2005
    Hi Kim- Wow, small world. I live in Brighton, and my "Learn to Run" program is organized by Fleet Feet on Monroe Ave in Brighton. My princesses, DD5 princess: and DD8 princess:, have been taking skating lessons at the ESL since we moved here in January 2005, and I'm down by MCC all the time. I might join you some Tuesday, but I think I need to build up a lot more endurance before I do that. I could probably do 1 or 2 loops around MCC right now, and it sounds like you guys are really, really fast. I'm training to run the Lilac Festival 10K. Isn't Medved one of the sponsors of that race now? I really want to run it because the course goes right down my street in front of my house. I have visions of my family standing in the front yard cheering me on as I run by.
  16. chimera

    chimera <font color=deeppink>WISH Racing Team Member<br><f

    Dec 17, 2004
    Jodi...this is the pack I use

    [​IMG] RRS Pacer Waist Pack

    DD13's scoliosis is congenital because she apparently was born with some deformities in her vertebrae...one is wedge-shaped and 3 others are fused together.

    Sunny...DH is a network/IT guy. If you can explain your problem, I'll ask him about it.

    Tiff...I had the cramp thing too. Distance doesn't seem to matter, I've had it at 9 miles and at 1.5. The only thing I've figured out is that it comes when I'm breathing too shallowly (often when it's cold).

    Dave...the Garmin is official WISH team equipment ;) I think Amazon has the 201 on sale now that the new models are out. Great pace on your run!

    DisGirl...tapering is hard! Good luck on Columbus!

    Liz...good luck on your new job! :wizard: for your back...hope it doesn't keep you out of Columbus, you've worked so hard for it!

    HORRORS!! Just got an email that ASICS is discontinuing my purple shoes :sad: Guess I'd better stock up before they disappear.
  17. k_hase

    k_hase Mouseketeer

    Jun 18, 2002
    Yeah, we do sponsor it. I get a free entry even! I'll probably be giving out packets and numbers and not running though. I'm doing Mad City Marathon a couple of weeks later and I know that I burn myself up trying to get an age group award at Lilac.

    You shouldn't worry about your pace with us. The self-named slug goddesses run with us, they average 11-13 minute miles. There are a couple of people who run/walk for a lap or two. The nice thing about the MCC loop is that we can all finish at the same time (sort of!) in the same place. If I do 3 loops and you do 2 we still end up at ESl and have dinner at Donnelly's!

    Oh, and Fleet Feet is the evil interloper!!!

    Just kidding, sort of!

    Stop in sometime. I work friday nights til 9 and saturdays all day, most of the time. I am working tomorrow night 5-9 as well.
  18. AmyBeth68

    AmyBeth68 Relentless Forward Motion

    Nov 13, 2003
    Wow! Lots going on. :guilty:

    Mel: Pixie Dust for your daugter! Please keep us posted on her! :grouphug: I'm sure all the testing is just precautionary....I will be keeping her in my thoughts that they find nothing else going on!

    Sunny: Sent you a PM. But I want to send you more pixie dust that things start to settle down. The stress you are dealing with is serious and those panic attacks can be really debilitating. But as others have said medication can cause all sorts of reactions as can illness....and you have been sick for 2 weeks. Last year I had horrendous chest pain....after I had been sick for a long time....turns out I had pneumonia! So definitely go see your doc. I'm sure you don't have pneumonia...but it's worth checking our your BP, meds, etc. :grouphug: Please keep us posted.

    Dana: Oh my goodness...your poor baby! :grouphug: Pixie dust for him and for YOU as you certainly have a lot going on right now. I'll definitely keep you guys in my thoughts!
  19. Mouse Skywalker

    Mouse Skywalker <font color=green>The Force is strong with this Po

    Aug 3, 2005
    Ha, Ha! I thought you might say that. Seriously though, I just happened to wander into Fleet Feet when I arrived here in Rochester last year, and I discovered this Learn to Run program and signed up. It was really kind of random, but everyone there has been really great and supportive. Since going to Fleet Feet, I started to hear about Medved but I didn't know where it was. I'll have to wander down on a Friday evening sometime.
  20. andromedaslove

    andromedaslove Mouseketeer<br><font color=green>Escorts pokey tur

    Jan 12, 2004
    I just wanted to pop in and say Hi :wave2: The baby is feeling much better right now, the pink eye medicine has really helped, and quickly too. He is still coughing a bit, but it is getting better. I wish I could say the same for me, this cold is kickin' my butt!! Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and pixiedust: I have decided that I just don't like the month of March at all, it seems like every year March is the most hectic. The hardest part about being sick while all of this is happening is that I can't go for a run. I have always used running as a stress reliever. So let's all pray that this cold goes away soon!!

    Here's a pic of my little man... for anyone who wants to see!!
    It's his little Tom Cruise impression!!

    Sunny - I am so sorry about the anxiety/panic attacks. I had never had them before until after my second baby was born still. There is nothing worse than feeling terrified for no reason whatsoever. If running helps, use that to your advantage, and check in with your doctor.

    Mel - I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Sending lots of pixiedust: your way. My DH is also allergic to the cats, and he won't even ask me to get rid of them!! He knew coming into this that I had my cat and agreed to let me get keep the other we found at McDonald's.

    Take care everyone. I'll check back in later.

  21. jodistar

    jodistar DIS Veteran

    May 2, 2004
    :rotfl: Hi Everyone,

    Well, I got out today and ran with the Garmin.....I can definetely tell why all of you love it so much! I used the personal trainer feature; ended up run/walking a 5k (in around 37 minutes). My stomach is getting a little bit stronger but not nearly strong enough (it's a work in progress, I guess) or maybe it's like what one of the runners in the running group said that your stomach will adjust if you run outside a little more regularly.

    Tiffany/Disney girl (and whoever I missed) - I am so excited for your running the Disneyland half.....you will have to tell us all about it.

    Dave/Kim/Mel - Thank you for getting back to me about the belts....now I have an idea of what I am looking for :thumbsup2 .

    I'm also debating on getting a reflective vest for running at night.....I want to keep up with running outside - I really dislike the running on the threadmill and now that nicer weather is here, maybe I will invest :).....Sunny you've created a monster! I followed your journal and then followed you to this thread :Pinkbounc

    Dana - Your son is adorable!

    Well, that's it for now everyone! I may be do practice some of my Pilates on the Bosu later (I really have to strengthen my core).


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