Why is there so little activity on this new board?

2. I think alot of people are playing with the new features of this board.3. They are over on the community board sharing their discovers!!
In this part of the country, the weather is fantastic:jester: Alot of us are outside.

Here we are, Tuesday already, and not many posts. Maybe people are shying away because it is different?

DisneyFanNY :cool:
I don't know about anyone else but I know that I couldn't get on for about 3 days. It was some kind of problem with the server. I was told that it effected about 50% of the people who are usually on the boards. I was finally able to get on last night and everything seems alright today. Good thing, I was getting a little nervous. So, expect things to pick up in the next day or two as people discover that they are back on. ;)
I also could not get in here for a couple of days, I was so frustrated, I thought it was me.


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