Which rides have single-riders lines, and how has Express changed?


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Aug 17, 1999
I'm supposed to be getting a 2-day 2-park pass when I get to Orlando (TicketRes should be sending it to my resort, I hopehope). As I understand it, that means I'll have access to use the Express system? Do I understand the system right in that you essentially go make "reservations" for up to 3 attractions at a time, but have to use those reservations before you can make any more?

Which attractions have single riders lines and which ones have Express?

I know at USF that MIB hast single rider, but do ET or T23D?

At IOA, I know Spiderman has a single-rider line... Doesn't Dueling Dragons? If you go on single-rider on DDragons, do you get to choose which dragon you go on (I know you can't pick which seat) or is it whichever comes available first and you're out of luck?

What about Cat in the Hat?

The attractions I'm most interested in at IOA are:

*maybe Stormforce -- is that essentially the Teacups of WDW?
*Deuling Dragons (Ice) (if I don't chicken out when I see it!! :eek: )
*Poseidon's Fury
*Jurassic Park & Discovery Center
*Triceritops Encounter
*maybe the Ptranadon Fliers (how are these?)
*Dudly Doright's Ripsaw Falls (will a camera case under a poncho be enough protection for a camera for this ride?)
*Caro-Seuss-al (Just gotta see how that thing's interactive!)
*Cat in the Hat
*Interactive fountain -- isn't that in the Lost Continent?

Now...will I be able to fit all of that *alone* into 6 hours?? Let alone have the chance to make it to USF for MIB, ET, and T23D?




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well you can pick what dragon you go AND!you can sometimes pick your seat if it not busy!

bring the hulk on!
I'm also trying to learn how the express system works at Universal. Rather than being like making reservations for three rides, it is more like you are able to have three Fastpasses at the same time...but for each ride you can pick between two available times. You still have to go to each ride to get the pass. Thanks to CoasterFEV for all this information!

Have you seen these two recent posts:


I'm pretty sure MiB still has a single riders line. The signage was up at the beginning of this month and still had single rider line signs. That's all I am sure of. When I go up in March, I will check again.


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By then, I'll be able to tell you ;) I'll be there Sunday :D And won't have any web access as of tomorrow afternoon ;)




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