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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Terry2, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Terry2

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    Nov 8, 2008
    I'm new at this and completely overwhelmed. If someone could help steer me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it! We won't be able to stay more than 3-5 days, so of course, I'm worried about being able to make the most of the time we're there!

    My youngest has a metabolic disorder and fatigues easily, which can lead to crisis if we push her, so we'll have to be sure to take breaks. She also has so many food allergies that the only way to keep her healthy during the trip will be to bring all her food and prepare her food ourselves. So, all this means, our most important consideration is going to be to be able to travel back and forth between the hotel and the parks quickly and easily -- both for rest and food!

    I can't decide whether or not we actually need a full kitchen or if we can make do with a fridge and/or microwave. But, a fridge is a must as we'll be bringing her foods with us.

    Unfortunately, deluxe resorts on the monorail are not an option for us. We're definitely in the value to maybe moderate line. I'm trying to consider our options both within and just outside of WDW, as we will have our own car. One option is the Hilton that gives some Disney perks like magic hours, but I have no idea how long it would take to travel back and forth from there to the parks.

    Years ago, we stayed at the AS Music for a competition of my older daughter's. We only had 2 days in the parks, and it seemed like it took forever to drive to Magic Kingdom and actually get inside/outside of the park. Maybe it was just because we didn't know what we were doing? But, I wasn't impressed overall with AS Music because it seemed like everything was so far away -- whether it was walking to catch a shuttle to the parks, or to the pool, or to get a snack, or to your car, AND the room was so small even for just the 3 of us then. So, I'm a little concerned that it would be way too small for the 4 of us now, especially when I'm trying to keep my youngest "safe" allergy-wise. Are the Value suites any better?

    Thanks for any advice! I'm so confused!
  2. Terry2

    Terry2 Earning My Ears

    Nov 8, 2008
    Sorry. OP here. I forgot to say that we're planning on going at the end of January.
  3. rt2dz

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    Oct 26, 2004
    OK, first of all, Disney TS restaurants are *extremely* accommodating to those with food allergies. All Ears has a nice info section on food allergies HERE. I’m pretty sure there is even more info on All Ears somewhere. There is also a great article that was in the newsletter HERE. I know there is a special form that Disney will have you fill out and then they’ll touch base with you again when you arrive.

    Now, moving on to the resort… If you really want a kitchen, I’d look at renting points at the Wilderness Lodge Villas (check out the DVC board here on renting & trading) or look at the Fort Wilderness Cabins. It’s a moderate in category, but the most expensive moderate. It is way cheaper than a deluxe, but gives you tons of room—living, bedroom, and full kitchen. A full size fridge is the best! Then, if you really do need/want to prepare your own meals, you really can. The family suites just give you a kitchenette (small fridge, microwave).

    Cabins have parking right in front of the cabins, which if you have a car, is wonderfully easy and convenient. There is also boat access directly to the MK if you want it.

    As far as rates go, check into the new buy 4, get 3 deal and/or compare the AP rate that is available during that time. It might be worth purchasing an AP to get the rate. I know in December 2007, the amount I saved with the AP more than covered the cost of two adult APs.

    More general info on Fort Wilderness HERE
    Cabin Reviews HERE
  4. AllyGirl_79

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    Feb 12, 2005
    I'd like to second the idea about the Fort Wilderness Cabins. You'd have a full kitchen to help with your food requirements. While the restaurants are extremely accomodating, it's always nice to have the kitchen if you're worried. Also, the setting is lovely and relaxing, which could be great for your daughter. And you'd be able to let your younger daughter rest in the bedroom and you/older daughter can watch tv, etc. in the living space.

    FW has boat transportation to MK, which is probably going to be a place you spend a lot of time on a short trip. Very convenient. Your car would be right outside your cabin, so you'd have easy access to drive to the other parks. It takes a tremendous amount of time to drive to the MK yourself -- you have to park at the TTC and still take some sort of Disney transportation to get to the gate -- but it's much easier to drive to the other parks. You just park in their lot, hop on the tram (or walk) to the gate. That might offer the best of both worlds in terms of easy access to your room for rest.

    Also, FW has many activities for kids, like the Chip and Dale sing along. If you're little one will get tired, you'd be able to spend some of your evenings right at FW. If you leave the parks a bit early, and then head back to FW for evening entertainment, your room would be very close when your child needs it.

    I think the price is pretty competitive - I'd compare it to the value suite and see what is cheaper. We're staying for $169 a night (4 adults) with an AP discount in January. The AAA rate was pretty good, too, if you have that. For the space and the convenience to the MK, it may be worth the difference in price from a value. Just having the separate bedroom may be a huge help for naps, etc.

    And, while this isn't at all what you asked about, make sure you know where the first aid stations are at the parks. They're great places to stop and take a rest if your daughter needs a break -- you don't need to be having some sort of illness/injury to go. They're quiet and comfortable, and the cast members there are great. Maybe shorter breaks like that will decrease the need to go back and forth to the resort. And, if standing in lines is going to make your daughter overtired and detract from her experience, look into a guest assistance card if you haven't already. It may be that avoiding standing in lines and having more time to rest on benches in between attractions makes the whole thing more enjoyable for everyone. Maybe that's not appropriate for your situation, but know that Disney is incredibly helpful when you're vacationing with someone with special needs.

    Have a wonderful trip!
  5. cheesekate2005

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    Nov 6, 2005
    FYI - the value resorts will give you a refrigerator free of charge if you tell them it is for food allergies/medical reasons. Also, with this new buy 4 get 3 days free deal you may be able to get a studio at a DVC for a pretty good deal. You would be have a fridge and some space there.

    I know your child has some serious food allergies. Our family does too, we have not been sickened at WDW in four trips. The chefs (even in the food courts at Value resorts) really do go out of there way to carefully prepare your food and keep you safe.

    Have a wonderful trip, whatever you decide.

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