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Nov 15, 2000
We are a family of 6 traveling to Disney for the first time. we are coming from the Chicago area and approximate that it will be 20 hours by car to get there. We want to stop somewhere in GA the first night ( about 15hrs into the trip) and continue the tail end of the trip the next day. Although we will be pulling our pop-up we do not want to stop at a campground and set up just to sleep so we are looking for hotel suggestions. Our kids are 3,5,7,9 and I think they will be much better the next day if they get a good nights sleep , as will mom and dad. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
You're doing exactly what we do! We drive down from Minneapolis every year and go right by you (actually we go through Rockford) and we stop our first night in Tennessee.

We like to stop near/around Chatanooga. That leaves us with about 8 hours the 2nd day.

If you want to stop in Georgia, try to get through Atlanta first. That way you won't be held up in rush hour the next morning. Valdosta and Tifton are both good places to stop.

- Rhonda :-)
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Hi Ann0511. I'm from Schaumburg and we drive down whenever we go. Actually we're going down in the beginning of Feb. to Fort Wilderness. Anyway, I try to get just south of Atlanta the first day -- to a town called Stockbridge. There are several hotels there and it is a decent area. You also avoid the rush hour traffic the next morning. That is about 750 miles from Schaumburg, which is a long haul but not that bad. Plus the next day you can get to Disney fairly early in the afternoon. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at vape@aol.com.

We drive from Wisconsin and have a pop up also. Try to get through Atlanta the first day. The second day will be a breeze. You'll get there early enough in the day that you can set up and still go investigating. The first day is always the best to see what's new in the campground. Let the kids take a swim and relax from the long drive.


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