Where is Emerils located???

princess angel

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Jun 28, 2000
Where is Emeril's located?? Is it in Universal??
How would I get there from Portofino Bay? (I won't have a car)
How do you make a ressie??

Thanks! :)
Laura :)

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Emeril's is in Citywalk, the entertainment complex between both parks, and a short boat-ride or walk from Portofino Bay.
If you've NEVER dined at an Emeril's restaurant,let me say,you're in for a TREAT!!!
We ate there over Thanksgiving last year and I can't say enough good things about it.The decor is wonderful,the staff couldn't have been nicer and the food was everything we imagined it would be.We did have reservations,as it is suggested.I hope you enjoy it!


Did Emerils have a special Thanksgiving menu or just the standard? We will be at Universal over Thanksgiving and trying to decide where to eat. Thanks! :)
Wow, either the chef had an off day when we were there last week or the Thanksgiving menu is much better than the regular, because we were completely unimpressed with Emerils. The food was just O.K., nothing special and at around $20.00 for a lunch entree, not worth it! In the last few months I have eaten at Mario Battali's (Of Molto Mario) New York Restaurants, Babbo and Lupa and THEY were outstanding! I was hoping for the same quality at Emeril's but sadly we were disappointed.
I worked in restaurants for about 20 years of my life. I think all restaurants have their bad days. Emeril's as well. He has a great restaurant in Las Veges at "Paris" hotel. It's wonderful, but I have read bad reviews about it at times. I think it's all relative, and I don't usually judge a reastauant by one visit. I try to do it again before I decide. Emerils at Universal is considered an "excellant" restaurant" by the "majority"...not the minority.

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