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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by PigSoldier, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Sep 30, 2000
    Hi everybody!

    It's great to be posting on the DL Board!:banana:

    I'm going to DL early next year, and I'm hoping to get some advise on when the best time is to go - I'm looking to book it sometime between January and April. I've been trying to get an idea by having a look at what's going in DL now, but it's not easy to pick a specific time.

    I'm hoping to go when the crowds aren't too heavy, but I'd also like to go in a reasonably busy time, so that I can get the full range of parades and shows and such (also, I'd be gutted to go all that way and miss Storybook Land or Mr Toad!).

    When would I be likely to see Fantasmic, Believe, and the Electrical Parade in this period?

    I'm not too concerned about weather, although I'd like to not have to wear a coat.

    Also, a time when I could get cheap hotel rates would be a bonus! :)

    Would any of you seasoned Disneyland veterans be able to give me some advise, or your experiences travelling at this time of year?

    Many thanks!:thumbsup2
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    Jan 29, 2006
    I vote for mid to late April. The weather will be warm, most of the spring break crowds will be gone, and the entertainment schedule should be pretty full. Hard to say what you'll find on the refurb list, this year it seems to be a bit fuller then normal for the time period.
  3. HydroGuy

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    I would not get my hopes up for the Electrical Parade. It seems to forever be on the chopping block. It is only showing this spring (right now) because Fantasmic is down at DL and they wanted to offer something else. Otherwise it would probably only be showing in the summer and holidays.

    After DCA rolls out its new entertainment in 2008 (new Parade and nightly Lagoon show) I would not be surprised to see the DEP gone from DLR for good.

    Regarding Linda's advice above, if you look at the April schedule this year the nightly entertainment winds down on April 15. So late April will mean entertainment only on weekends. If you want entertainment options every night, you will have to move your schedule into late March to early April when the Spring Break crowds are there. During this time the park hours are increased (16 hours per day vs. 12 hours per day in late April at DL, and DCA open a couple more hours per day).

    If you decide for late April then plan to overlap at least one day on a weekend to see the shows. If I was trying to do this in late April I would probably plan for Wed-Sat, with:

    Wed/Thurs: lower crowds, less park hours, limited shows - days to focus more on rides

    Fri AM: lower crowds - focus on rides

    Fri PM and Sat: more crowds, max park hours, and all shows

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    Oct 27, 2003
    I love love the last week of January. January and February are great, just avoid the holiday weekends if you want low crowds.

    We are also going late April this year after all the spring breaks are done and that is a great time too! Plus Jan-April is usually adults for kids prices so hopefully you'll get a little price break on tickets that way!

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    Dec 11, 2006

    :eek: :scared1: BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!!! :scared1: :eek:

    This would be the saddest day in DL history. Surely they realize the following the EP has. :confused:

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