What will be new in 2002?

No11's Mom

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Dec 26, 2000
Since we won't be there until March 2002 :( , does anyone know what new attractions we will have to look forward to? MiB wasn't open when we were there last January, so we're looking forward to that. Will anything else be online before we get there? Also, how far in advance can we make reservations at HRH?

Thanks for the help,

Donna R.
The only thing I know will open new is Animal Planet Live at USF in Spring 2001. It will replace the Animal Actors show.


Barry Hom
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Since you were there last, Storm Force and the Flying Unicorn have opened at IOA. By March 2002, you just never know...
aaaah darn!
We loved Animal Actors. What have you heard about Animal Planet Live?

What is Storm Force?




No kidding Earl...a few hints please, pretty please! Anything Mummy related maybe? Come on Earl - give it up!

Donna R.
Okay, here they are....

hint, hint, hint, hint, hint - a few hints

mummy hint, mummy hint - a coule of mummy hints

I couldn't resist.

HAR HAR :D Earl you crack me up sometimes. Can you tell us if this phantom attracation will be spiderman level or something around MIB level?


Maybe Sylvester McMonkeys McBeans Unusual Driving Machine will be open by 2002.I wouldnt hold my breathe on that one.Also does anyone know if there is any truth to the Jurassic Park Jeep Ride rumor.
No, not a Spiderman or MIB platform. No, there is no jeep ride, and McMonkey is off the books for some time. It's always possible that it will get a look again by then.
Can it be the rumor at Screamscape about a coaster-type attraction with a 90 degree drop IN jurassic park. Or maybe the Grinch ride. Or can you tell us where it might go.
Earl - Is this how it's going to be - we will ask questions and you will tell us what it is not going to be, until we finally have it narrowed down to what it might be? Come on, save us the misery and just give us a real hint! (And don't you say "Real hint"!)

Donna R. :)

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With Disney buying the rights to the Grinch movie this makes for an interesting situation. I'm sure Disney would love the idea they are helping cross-promote the Universal "Grinchmas" celebration and a new Grinch ride when it shows the movie each year.
Since when Larworth, did disney decide to buy the rights to the grinch movie, IT IS OWNED BY UNIVERSAL, and based on the success I think that you have heard wrong, unless I am outa touch???
Disney bought the right from Universal to show The Grinch on ABC. I think that is all that Disney aquired from Universal and I believe the mouse paid a pretty penny to show the movie in 2004-2005? Anybody know how much Dinsy paid, I think it could have been something like 66 million? I could be WAY off though, it also could have been 6 million. Six just sticking in my head for some reason. :rolleyes:


Disney did pay 60 million for the right to show the hit movie "The Grinch". But there still is no relation between showing the movie in 2004 on television between a co-ownership between Universal and Disney. Apparently disney paid 60 million for a 10 year lease to show the film on both ABC and the Disney Channel. Click here for more infoCountingDown


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