what use year for Jan/May trips?


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May 17, 2001
We are thinking of buying in... very confused as to whether to go for a resale or through Disney. Anyway, we definitely love to go in January and sometimes in May. What would be the best use year for us all you experienced DVCers?
WHile it probaly won't really matter what your use year is, I usually vacation in January and the end of May/First of June. I have a June use year and while I don't use over my annual allotment, I do sometimes have to borrow a few points for those few days in May.
Since the majority of your trips will be in Jan with an occassional trip in May/June, I would suggest a use year of Dec if given the choice. That way if you make a ressie for Jan using your current points, you can still bank them if you needed to cancel prior to 30 days out and could not use the points in the current year. Example: you get your 2002 points in Dec, and you make a ressie at the 11 month window for a trip in Jan 2003 using those 2002 points. For whatever reason you end up having to cancel a 31 days or more prior to your trip. This way you have until Dec 2003 to use those points, or if you are unable to take a trip later that year, then you can bank them according to the banking guidelines which you would still have months to bank the full allotment if you so needed to.

As to whether you go through Disney or resale, that would depend on where you want your home to be. All of the DVC resorts are lovely, so just go with the themeing you fall in love with or the location that best suits your families needs. If you want anything but BCV, then you will need to go via resale, which is painless as I am told by many on these boards :)

Best of luck to you :)
APRIL, I wouldn't worry about the Use Year unless you're certain of your vacation plans for the next 40 years!!!!! We have an Apr Use Year but have vacationed at WDW during 5 different months.
I DEFINITELY would recommend resale purchase IF you wish to save money and IF you're not in need of financing. On the other hand, IF you're in love with BCV, then you have to purchase presently via Disney. We have bought 2 BWV resales over the years...


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