What style Teva's?


Mar 16, 2000
Does it matter what style Teva's we buy to buy to not have aching feet? Are they all great? Would the cheaper styles be fine or will the difference be noticeable? Also, Do you think it would be too cool to wear them in Dec (1st week)?

I agree that it is extremely important to have the right shoes. I've been spending the last couple of weeks looking for shoes for my kids. The most important driteria for me is, comfort, wearability and waterproof (or at least water resistant). For my DD, I found adorable shoes at Stride Rite. They're Sperry, pink with black soles, totally waterproof, with a back strap ( it really holds her foot well). $26.00
For my DS, I found a pair of teva-like shoes at Gymboree. He had an identical pair last year but grew out of them. They're water-resistant (I wouldn't let him wade in water with them) and very comfortable.
I have been wearing a pair of easy spirit sandals for the past two disney visits. I've gotten these things totally wet, walked miles a day and they've stood the test of time. Not to mention my feet always felt great considering I was walking all day.
I also have had teva's and I didn't think they supported my feet very well for walking all day, though they're great for days at the water parks because you can wear then in the water. However I wore my easy spirit in the water too. I think I'm getting another pair this year. Try Macys - last time I got them on sale.

I took three pairs of "walking shoes" - Rockports, Merrells and some Teva Sandels. The winners were the Teva's - I did develop a blister but I don't fault the Tevas - I fault myself for not "training" ahead of time. I couldn't believe the amount of walking and standing on one's feet! :D

But back to the Tevas - I could only find the sandels and they worked fine. If it's cooler - wear some good synthetic socks with them. The nice thing about the Tevas is that you can adjust them along the way as your feet get tired or hot or if they swell up.

They worked fabulously for me and when I return in January, those are the ones I'll be wearing


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