What is the absolute youngest age to take an infant to WDW?


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DH is going through major WDW withdrawl and is trying to talk me into a trip at the end of May....he doesn't think he can wait until our next scheduled trip in September! So here is the question....what is the youngest age you would consider taking an infant to WDW? Baby #3 is due March 8th so he/she will be 2 1/2 months old.....we are Disney regulars (this would be our 7th trip in just over two years), so we know the ins and outs, how to get around, what to expect, etc....we've just never taken an infant before! If I let him talk me in to this, we will take a Baby Bjorn carrier and a Baby Trend sit/stand double stroller that accommodates an infant car seat....also, I won't be nursing, so finding a place to feed the baby won't be a problem.....am I crazy or should we just do it???

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I would ask your pediatrician. Personally, I would have reservations about taking a baby that young out around so many people. The chance for picking up some type of sickness is too great, and since it's your third I'm sure you know that having a sick baby that young is scary. Also, it seems like bottlefeeding would be very hard. Most babies I know who are formula fed at that age are very picky about having warm milk, so you'd have to go to the baby center to warm it up.
Our youngests dd was 3 months old on her first trip. It was fine. She enjoyed watching all the show. It wasn't any more difficult feeding her. I switched between bottle and breast depending which was more convient. We also had our other three kids with us 6,5,4. It was a great trip

I say go for it. If you are a vetern then it will be a piece of cake.
We took our 2nd child when she was just 3 and a half mounths old. We too were vetrans. I would recomend starting the baby on powder formula and room temp. water. It is very easy to carry and mix with out the hastle of having to warm a bottle. both my second and 3rd child were well feed on powder formula. Having a baby carrier car seat is also great because at a lot of the epcot pavllions you can not bring the stollers in, if the baby is sleepping in her seat you can just lift it out and not desturb baby to see something. We had no problems bringing a baby. It was in fact so simple that we almost brough our 3rd child when he was just a month old but he ended up being 2 weeks late making a trip at 2 weeks impossible. Anyway I would do it. As for the comment of illness factering in, yes there is that chance but most of Disney is open air space with lots of circulation. I would do it. Especially being WDW vetrens! Most of all enjoy yourself and the baby! Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might have MouseEarsCM@aol.com

My cousin took her son when he was only 2 weeks old and has been going ever since. He's now 11 years old.
We took our youngest son when he was just 6 weeks old. I respectfully disagree with the above poster's issue on illness. If you have other children, that baby is exposed to a lot of illness/sickness from his/her siblings. Our son handled the trip very well (he was the best behaved out of the 3 children ;)

Anyway, I used powdered formula and carried bottles of spring water in his diaper bag. When he was ready for a bottle, I just mixed the formula, found a shady spot and sat down for a while.

I say go for it! Have a great time!!!!
I'd go after I hear the doctor slap the baby's butt and yell, "It's a girl." Cut the cord fast 'cause "WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!"


GoGoGoGoGoGoGoGo! Look at my clan. We are going again in February. Coby will be 3 months old. This time we are driving from Vermont! All my children have gone when they were young. Listen to those who know from the prior posts! GO! and have a great time.

Thanks so much for your replys, I think I have her right where I need her. It looks as if I will win and we will baptise the new child with the magic of disney. Book It Dano!!!

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It looks as if I will need to change my moniker


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