What company should I rent a house from?


Mom of the Rolling Crew
Feb 2, 2000
For my next trip in the fall I am thinking of renting a house so we have our own pool. I have stayed on site for the last 29 years except 3 times. I also have 2 kids in wheelchairs so I need a ranch with no steps.
I've rented from elite homes (elite-homes.com). They have always given me good service. Their homes have been very nice and in convenient locations. And the price is right. In december we paid less than $600 for a week (off season) for a 3 bedroom home with pool.
Hi Michigan, Iowa Hawkeye here!....we have used vrbo.com or vactional rentals direct from the owners many times and been very satisfied..go to "central Florida" and search.....you will see many listings....these homes and condos are rented from the owner directly and the prices tend to be lower. shop around.....the area is over built for these kinds of rentals, so don't be afraid to always offer the lowest season price......Look for extras like vcr's, two or 3 TV,s, King beds.......have fun and post again or email if you have specific questions.....Ted, the Hawkeye!
My recommendations for holiday homes are always Premier, Alexander and Florida Leisure. All three are big, unfailingly reliable and have good web-sites to check them out first.

Premier feature on the Orlando Hotel Discounts here on the DIS, Alexander are on www.floridasunshine.com and FL on www.floridaleisure.com


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