what are manager specials, and how do you find out about them?


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Aug 20, 1999
Does CRO have that information, or do you need to call the resort direct? Thanks!

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the resorts will direct you to do that anyway. If there is a special available, they will know. Good Luck!
Manager's specials are usually available about 2 (maybe 3)months prior to the time you are looking for. The resorts that have them and the dates available will vary depending on how fully booked they are. We were offered the Poly, WL or BW last summer, but the dates varied. They may bring it up to you on the phone, but if they don't you can ask. I did and I got them.

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I would also like info on this. What kind of discounts have any of you been offered? I am always looking for a good rate on a trip to Disney and have never heard of manager specials. I always made ressies early so it wouldn't book up, but this sounds like a good idea



Anyone with good luck with these? What kind of deals have been had?
I found out about these specials last year right here on these boards. The deluxe resorts (WL,CR,and Poly) offered 'manager special' rates ranging from 154-189 per night. I got the CR for 164(before tax) per night for dates in July, but later had to cancel. I am now hoping for these rates to come out again for this summer. I think these specials came out in March and were good for June-August. Many people posted about them last year, so stay close to the boards for new info. Good Luck!


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