We did it!!


Feb 1, 2002
We just bought a resale at OKW for 230 points. We will officially be members sometime around the end of March (I can't believe it!!)

Thanks to all of you that have answered my questions over the past month.

Now that the process has been set in place, we would love to go in May (the resale we are purchasing has 35 pts from 2000, 230 pts from 2001 with use year in Sept). So as to not lose the 35 pts, we thought it would be great if we could go in May, but according to our broker, we have to decide before the end of Feb. whether to bank the 230 from 2001, which means we would not be able to use them until after 9/1/2002.

Question - Since we want to split our stay at GF and BC, can we make the reservations (using credit card) and then transfer them to the DVC pts once we finally are official?

By the time we get our pts it will be just over 1 month from the time we would want to visit. Suggestions?
No, you cannot simply "transfer" a cash reservation to a points reservation. MS must handle the point ressie and CRO the cash ressie. I'd bank the points from the current use year and then borrow any points you'll need to compliment the 35 banked points for the BC/GF stay.

Enjoy and...

<marquee>WELCOME HOME, soon!!</marquee>
Just want to say congratulations on your OKW purchase and WELCOME HOME NEIGHBOR!!!!


Congratulations and welcome home, new neighbor!


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