We Ate the "Kitchen Sink"!!


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Mar 24, 2001
We were at WDW last week. After a late lunch at MGMs Mama Rosa's Italian Restaurant and then going to Fantasmic, we headed over to the Beach Club. Four of us....DH, DS, DDIL and I went to Beaches and Cream for the Kitchen Sink. We sat in anticipation. We watched as the cast member constructed this monstrosity. Tony our server placed the whipped cream dripping sink on our table announcing to one and all....."These 4 little piggies have ordered the "Kitchen Sink!" He told everyone it's ingredients. 2 scoops of vanilla, 2 scoops of chocolate, 2 scoops of strawberry, a scoop of mint chocolate chip and a scoop of coffee ice cream. Every topping they have in the restaurant, hot fudge, strawberry, pineapple, peanutbutter, caramel, about 2 dozen cherries, oreos, heath bars, cake, brownies, M&Ms, candy orange slices, a WHOLE can of whipped cream and candy sprinkles on top! (I may have forgotten something) WOW!! Every eye in the place was on the 4 little piggies. And everyone applauded! Even though it had been several hours since we had last eaten, I'm sorry to say, we couldn't eat it all. It was a whole lot of fun though!
We tried this in December. There were nine of us though, and we did a pretty good job polishing it off!

It really is HUGE!!
Sounds like fun. :) Each year we say we're going to try it but we never do. Maybe we'll actually do it this July, if only for the wonderful stories & pictures. :)
My son and I are doing this in April. I know there's no way we'll eat it all, but it sure will be fun to try.
Too big for us but it does sound like a lot of fun.
Oy.....my tummy hurts just reading it! But it sounds like a lot of fun and must have made for GREAT pictures!
We had the Kitchen Sink last August. The whole thing was a hoot & it tasted great too.There were 10 of us and we just managed to polish it off. As we were getting ready to leave, a family of five got one and we wished them luck.......I can't imagine that they could have finished it.
Can you substitute flavors/leave off toppings? Or is there just one way to get it...with everything?
We did this too, last August after Illuminations. We had no dinner and only a small lunch and I think we finished 1/2 to 2/3 of it.

2 weeks ago we actually ate there so we had no room for it - Split a banana split - YUM. On or next trip we are bringing mother-in-in law and will definitely do this!
We've seen the kitchen sink but never tried it. That is always on our must do list but for some reason we always seem to miss it. Maybe next time. :D
Sounds fun. We're heading there in May - 9 of us and this might be real fun for the kids. But my sister is on a tight budget and might balk. So, what did it cost, if you don't mind my asking?
If I remember correctly, the cost was $23.99.......which broken down for nine people isn't bad.
Since we had 10 people, and had 2 tables smushed together, we didn't want to try & pass it around. We asked for bowls, which they cheerfully supplied, along with a huge serving spoon.
We each dug in and served up the section we wanted; worked out great!
Every time my daughter has seen pictures of the kitchen sink she wants to try it, but there has nver been enough of us to make it worth while. This June there will be 7 of us and I have promised my daughter that we go to Beaches and Cream just to try the kitchen sink.
Just got back yesterday and we tried the Kitchen Sink on Wednesday with 3 adults and 4 children, 3 of which quit fairly quick. We finished the whole thing!!! It was fun when they announced it and I took before and after pictures of the kids with the "sink". Dh couldn't even think about ice cream the next day.

Atotty, we took it as it was listed in the menu, but when we ordered it, they asked if we wanted any alterations to it.
I love my pictures of my family trying to polish off the kitchen sink. Six of us and we couldn't do it. Lots of fun though.
there are 8 of us going in April, you have given me the incentive to go for it!!:cool1:
We took my stepdaughter(turned 16 while at WDW) and 7 more people to Beaches 'n Cream for a suprise. She had no idea what we were doing there other than getting a bite to eat. I ordered a "Kitchen Sink" and everyone was asking "what is that?" I couldn't get enough pics when they brought it to the table!!!! Her eyes were so big and since it was her birthday they added in "happy birthday" to the whole show of flashing lights and talking very loudly explaining that we were going to attempt to eat this monsterous "kitchen sink." It got the whole place looking at us! It was well worth it! I know it will be a birthday cake/ice cream/and much more of course, she will never forget! Please take the time and try it-you won't be sorry! Oh by the way, we all had seconds and still could not finish it........;)
If you want to try something just as big, with a little more "choice" of what you get for toppings and much less of a spectacle, try the Earthquake at Ghiradelli's (Downtown Disney). You get to choose what kind of ice cream, toppings, etc, its just as big, a little cheaper and the staff doesn't make a huge deal out your order (I get embarrased easy).

My wife and I got one last trip and ate about 1/4 of it. It was good, but just too much!

The Earthquake - Shake things up with a dessert delight of epic proportions! Created with 8 scoops of super premium ice cream with 8 different toppings. Finished off with fresh bananas, whipped cream, chopped almonds and whole cherries. It's perfect to share with your friends. - $19.99

"The Famous" Kitchen Sink - Two scoops each of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and our flavor of the month, smothered in every topping we have - $21.95

courtesy of: http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/dining/search.cfm
Wow! Thanks for the Ghirardelli info -- that sounds good. The kitchen sink sounds fun, too -- but I confess that the choices of ice cream are a bit worrisome for our group (I'd get saddled with strawberry ice cream detail... and if dh hit the coffee, he'd come up gagging for sure!) So to know that they would alter it in some way is a relief. Also too those toppings -- some to me just sounded yuck all put together (I don't think I would want the gummy slices and pineapple glop on there, but that's just me, maybe?!)

I was impressed/relieved to hear a group of 10 was seated in Beaches, too -- this has been a prime concern of mine. Is there a "best time" to go if you have a larger party? We would love to dine there, but our group will have 9 (4 adults, 5 kids) and I had heard the seating was quite limited.

$22 bucks for something that could feed AND entertain the whole crew doesn't seem so bad to me at all! We can easily drop that much just going to Dairy Queen! Thanks for the report!


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