Walking Times from BWV to ???


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Mar 16, 2001
Can anyone tell me the approximate walking times from BWV to MGM, Epcot, and YC/BC? Also, where from BWV do I find the paths to Epcot and MGM?
Here is a link to CaskBill's great reports, with photos, of the various <a href="">pathways at DVC resorts.</a>

Doc, I'd be interested in linking to the Boardwalk paths. I was able to link onto the thread you linked us to, but that only had OKW on that page. You had to click on another link for Boardwalk, and when I did, I got the DIS homepage. Do you know what the problem is? Or better yet, could you provide me with a direct link to the two Boardwalk distances. Thanks.
I found the same thing Doc. I think the links are pointing to threads that may have been lost or renumbered during the "crash". Any suggestions?

It is about a 10 minute walk from the Boardwalk to epcot and about a 15 minute walk to MGM. With your back to the BWV and
facing the boardwalk turn right and follow the boardwalk past the ESPN club go over the bridge and turn right, you can't miss Epcot
it will be right in front of you about a 10 minute walk.
To get to MGM with your back to the BWV and facing the boardwalk turn left and follow the sidewalk between the BWV
and the waterway, it will be right in front of you about a 15 minute walk.
The BCV are right in front of you when you are standing with your back to the BWV.
I hope this helped!!!

Is there a way to pick up the MGM Walkway by going out the front entrance way of the BWI/BWV? Is there an entrance to the walkway past the parking lot?

Yes, just follow the sidewalk from the front of the entrance around towards the tennis courts. You'll see the sidewalk from there to MGM. You can also get to the sidewalk from both pools. Even with small kids this is the only way we go to MGM now, it takes us about 15min from the quiet pool area to MGM. Hope this helps.


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