VWL owner with a tax question.


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Feb 21, 2001
I know this has been posted before but the search function isn't working.

I was doing my taxes last night and have a question:
What portion of our annual dues goes towards property taxes?

If anyone has the answer, can they break it down in terms of dollars per point.
The dues statement I received had the cost broken down and had a separate entry for taxes. It listed the amount we paid toward taxes and the actual amount assessed for taxes (with a credit to this years dues for the difference). I put the actual amount paid on my 1040.
Hmmm....my first reply didn't post.

Vactionman is right -- it would be a lot easier to just look at your statement and see the Actual Property Tax for 2001. We pay an estimated tax going into the year and then receive a credit (or a charge) against the next year's bill when they know what the actual property tax paid was.


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