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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Dennis the WDW Menace, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. Dennis the WDW Menace

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    Sep 3, 1999
    I just got a call from WDW about the concern I wrote to them about not getting the discount at DD when I used my AMEX card this past Jan. They said that I indeed was correct that if I used my AMEX card at check-in to cover room charges that I do get the discount. She is calling the head of DD and informing him that their mamagers are refusing some of the DVC guests when they ask for the discount. If you buy over $50 in murchandise at some DD stores and use your AMEX card and show your room key card you are to get a 15% discount. Check the AMEX booklet that you get when you check-in to find out which stores give the discount.
  2. PamOKW

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Thank you for following through Dennis and letting us know how it turned out!!!
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  4. MaryAnnDVC

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Great! I count on that AMEX discount on every trip. :D Thank you!
  5. msdisney53

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    Mar 6, 2001
    We experienced the same problem at the World of Disney when we were there at Xmas.I actually had an argument with the manager,who wasn't very Disney-like. I did mention this problem to Guest Services and to Amex. When I went to Team Mickey and the Christmas store it wasn't a problem. Thanks for getting this settled.
  6. Beachangel

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    Sep 29, 2000
    I always take advantage of this discount! Didn't know anyone was having a problem....

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  7. going2wdw

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    Mar 1, 2000
    I used it on our Feb trip. Didn't ask about it just gave the cashier our resort key and AMEX card no problems at all.

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