Unlimited Express Pass bug?


Nov 3, 2000
I think I may have found a bug in the Express system. I was at the Studios on Sunday for the fireworks (which were better than I expected, by the way) and while I was wandering through the streets killing time, I noticed that the Express kiosks for Twister had been turned around so that they now face the street so that guests can get their own tickets. Of course I had to try it out so I scanned my AP in the bar code reader, selected 6:20, and out popped my ticket. Now I knew I could get 3 tickets at once, but I didn't know if I could get 2 tickets for the same time at one attraction. To my surprise, it let me get FOUR Express passes for 8:25 and one for 6:25, for a total of six Twister express passes! It probably would have kept giving them to me, but I got the idea and stopped. Of course, I gave them away to people who would actually use them, but I could see this being abused if it's not fixed.

Just a heads up for Earl/CoasterFEV, etc. so they can pass the word along.
The Information Services team is aware of that bug and are working to resolve the issue.

Most of the Express machines are already starting to be turned around. By the Summertime, all machines will be turned around and guests will be using the machines themselves. Once an attraction is out of passes, the machines will be turned off.

The "bug" you found is on the part of the system that links the Express machines to the VGS turnstile system in admissions.
How cool! Self-serve pumps for Express!!
Now we gotta make a May trip to experiment with 'em. Thanks for the update!
Also, when I was there a couple of weeks ago by myself I used the wrong multi day ticket (my wife's) by mistake and was able to get an express time. I thought this was strange because the pass did not have any valid days left on it. Is this yet another glitch or is it part of the same problem mentioned?


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