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Jul 14, 2014
Thanks for the reviews and pictures!

Although I am no Jimmy Buffett fan, I might actually get my 12 year old DS to get full if we order these nachos! He might even let me have one LOL
I’m neither a Buffet fan or a margarita fan but those nachos were epic. while eating they would start shifting because it’s just such a massive amount of chips and toppings....it was like a nacho avalanche!


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Jul 14, 2014
Friday November 30.....warming up

Today was the warmest day of our trip so we decided to hit the water rides and then head back to change. I had brought ponchos from home(that we had actually already used in Yosemite so they were a bit beat up) and flip flops in my backpack. Toon Lagoon is such a fun, colorful area so we wandered around a bit and waited for it to warm up even more. My mom sat all these rides out and we tried to talk her into getting us with the water guns but she was being a bit grumpy. We used the big lockers by the Dudley ride and then hit that ride first. The drop at the end turned my stomach the first time, in a good way of course.....so we went on this two more times. Then we headed over to the bilge rat ride which I was dreading. Even though I was prepared I hate being soaked and it really wasn’t hot, just warm. We went twice and I don’t think I got one drop of water on me! My husband went the first time and he got absolutely head to toe soaked. He skipped ride number two and my daughter got the big dump of water this time. We were with another couple and the man was totally shocked he got soaking wet...
We went back over to the lockers and discreetly helped my daughter change behind a big towel, that area by the lockers is pretty secluded so no one was around. We could literally wring water out of her clothes.....I can’t under state this, the bilge rat rides get you soaked. Not wet, not splashed, soaked. Just jumped in a pool with all your clothes on soaked. Except for me. I was dry!!
After heading aback to the hotel we wandered the HP areas, I honestly don’t Remember much of this day, only that it was MUCH more crowded and as it was Friday , I wasn’t surprised. Still totally manageable but obviously more crowded. We did the Animal Actor show, which was funny and entertaining, I highly recommend. we had lunch in the Leaky Cauldron and we ordered the cheese platter with the scotch egg and salad and fish and chips and I think th chicken sandwich and we all kind of shared everything. The cheese platter was really filling and th e fish and chips were light and flavorful. I really wanted to try the sticky toffee pudding but for some reason I didn’t order it?
We also watched the Hogwarts castle show....twice actually. My mom has trouble in crowds so we watched it up by the exit of FJ and it was totally fine, you could see everything and we actually sat for most of the show. I would recommend seeing at least once with the throngs of people But if you are claustrophobic or can’t do crowds, this area was really doable.
We did Hogwarts Express at some point and this was the longest wait of the whole trip....they really do a good job of queue management with this ride but it took forever, luckily we had a chocolate wand and some fizzing fizz bees to munch on while we were waiting.
For dinner we had Jakes again and it was the best meal of the trip. I had the filet mignon with polenta and i got a side of asparagus ......and this was drool worthy. My husband actually told my daughter to stop talking to me so I could enjoy my meal in peace since I seemed to be enjoying it so much. It was fantastic. My mom had one of the flatbreads and she was super disappointed, there was nothing wrong with it, I she just didn’t like the flavors. I pushed her to order something else but she felt weird doing that.


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Aug 11, 2000
Nice report. I miss Universal. :(

As for the bilge rat barges, i always joked that it is best to hop into the pool to dry off after that ride. I agree, it drenches you!


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