Travels in Orlando Part 6

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  1. Sue F UK

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    Mar 1, 2002
    The Travellers: Me (Sue) - Planner, mine of information and enforcer of time schedules
    Jorge - DH & big kid
    Rebecca - DD aged 6 and world class chatterbox
    The Rookies: Eileen - My Mum. Disabled ECV driver and biggest kid of them all.
    John - My Dad - Disney convert.
    Pat - Jorge’s Mum - not into Disney but wants to get a tan.
    Day 9

    Wake up early and breakfast at the villa before heading over to MGM. First thing we do is get FP for Tower of Terror. It turns out to be unnecessary as there’s only a 5 minute queue. We get some for later just in case. We walk past the Sorcerers Hat and down Mickey Avenue to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Walk straight in to the first show of the day and get front seats. We don’t get picked for the show much to Jorge’s disappointment but Rebecca claims to have got all the questions right - no one believes her!

    Once back out into the bright sunshine we split up. We go off to do ToT while Mum and Dad do ‘One Man’s Dream The Walt Disney Experience’ Rebecca is supposed to be coming with us but at the last minute she takes the soft option of going with them. Once again FP is not needed as we walk straight on to ToT. After plunging a couple of times we emerge and contemplate R&RC but Jorge doesn’t really like this ride - I think he’s scared of the dark. So I am overruled and we go back to Animation Courtyard to meet up with the others and do ‘Playhouse Disney Live’ We have to wait 15minutes for them to come out of ‘One Man’s Dream’ (could have gone on R&RC after all Jorge! ) Dad opts not to do ‘Playhouse Disney’ and goes for a walk while the rest of us suffer through Bear, Rolie Polie Olie and all the others. Once outside we meet up with Dad and walk back down Mickey Avenue for Mum and Rebecca to get autographs from the characters in their little trailers. Jorge is sent for FP to ‘Little Mermaid’ and then we join the Backlot Tour. They are brilliant with disabled and even have a ramp onto the tram. We don’t tell Mum about the surprise in store and sit her on the left of the tram. 10 minutes later we enter ‘Catastrophe Canyon’ and Mum gets a shock - and a bit damp Once outside we run into Goofy for more photos and autographs. Its time for our Little Mermaid FP so we go to the entrance only to be told that they can’t take any more wheelchairs at this show and to come back later!! Grrrrrrr!! We kill 20 minutes before returning and this time Mum can only go in if she leaves her chair and walks in. This is first time that being disabled has caused a problem since we’ve been her. Luckily Mum can manage the walk although Dad has to walk back round the outside to fetch the chair afterward. The show is good though and we all love the way they do the puppets. (Tip: don’t video this as you may see more than you bargained for! )

    Pat has requested that we go back to the villa this afternoon as she needs go to the chemist so we decide to have a Barbeque and head back to pick her up. We also feel a bit guilty for abandoning her the last two days - her choice though. When we get back Pat says she can’t be bothered to go to the chemist now and she will go when we get home. Talk about annoyed!!!!!!!!!! We cool off in the pool and have the Barbeque. We had planned to do Fantasmic but we’re not really in the mood now so will leave it till tomorrow.
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    May 2, 2000
    Another great report. I absolutly LOVE is so so great...can't wait to go back to be honest.

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    Jul 7, 2000
    You'll be leaving Pat at home next time then? ;)
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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful report - luv reading them!!!

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