Toddler car seat count as carryon

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by NewEnglandCamper, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. NewEnglandCamper

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    Nov 10, 2006
    We are trying to figure what we can/cannot bring on as carryon.

    1. Does a carseat count as a carryon item or personal item for a toddler?

    2. Does a stroller count as a carryon item or personal item for a toddler?

  2. CleveRocks

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    Mar 5, 2005
    Are you going to use the carseat so your toddler can sit in it? If so, then it doesn't get "counted" as anything. If you're not going to be using it, then it'll have to be checked -- it would be too big to be a carry-on.

    As for your stroller, it, too, is too big to be a carry-on item. You should gate check it if you want to use it in both airports. When you gate check at item, here's what you do, and here's what happens:

    1) You go up to a gate agent when you arrive at the gate, and tell them you want to gate check your stroller. They will give you a tag to fill out, and they fill something out, and the tag gets attached to the stroller.

    2) When it's time to board, wheel child and stroller down through the jetway. Just before you would be about to walk onto the plane, pull off to the side (the jetway gets much wider at that point). Unload your toddler and fold up the stroller. Leave the stroller up against the wall.

    3) A ramper (baggage handler) will come up from the outside and enter through the exterior door of the jetway, take your stroller down to the tarmac, and load the stroller into the baggage compartment.

    4) When deplaning after landing, exit the plane and as soon as you do, pull off to the side of the jetway and wait for your stroller to reappear there -- it may already be there. Rampers pull gate checked items first, and hand-deliver them to the inside of the jetway. You now have your stroller back.

    Since you're flying to and from Orlando, you'll surely not be the only person gate checking a stroller.
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    Although I was not the original poster thanks so much for this information. We are flying with our 16 month old in 3 weeks :woohoo: and will be bringing his car seat for the plane and I wanted to gate check the stroller. Thanks again!!

    Also, if you are using your carseat on the plane, be sure that it is approved by the FAA for airplane use. There should be a sticker somewhere on it that states this.

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