Tim won tickets to the Vikings game tonight


<font color=red>Steve Irwin, taking care of Heaven
Nov 1, 2001
And left me with his Mother. I'm just not having a good night. Where are Laverne and Shirley when you need them?
Wags is here to help...((hugs)):jester:
The night is just getting better The Vikings are losing big time.
Awww, Beccy... I wish my side kick was here but she is still on dial up and out of service for a while... I'm back and ready for fun, but I have no one to pick on :( Here's a {{{hug}}} though!
LOl NO CR. Maybe if your dh is able to get around tomorrow and that means just not a run for the bathroom either!;)

Dial-up or no dial-up it shouldn't stop her!

Maybe we can all gang up on shep. He always reminds me of the brother you love to tease.:teeth:
Shep, be nice ;)

Beccy, you want me to call her and tell her to get herself online??? I'm sure she'll love that one :p
Who me? what did I do? I'm just like Helenabear, Miss Innocent.
Hey now :mad: You're not being very nice to the two DIS angels here!!!
Shirley call the girl! How dare she stay offline!:mad:

Tell CR Tell!;)

A double :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Now I feel special!
Well Beccy, she knows about all this now. Hopefully she'll show. If not I'll have to be mean and make her come out of hiding ;)
Originally posted by helenabear
Hey now :mad: You're not being very nice to the two DIS angels here!!!

you 2 are as innocent as my kids...
once again..:rolleyes:
Now how can those angelic faces not be innocent Angels? are they taking after you Shep?
they drove DW insane today...well at leat Mandy did..I was out golfing til about 1..:o
YAWN....stretch....what'dya want?! :mad: Come on, I'm crippled over here. It takes like a minute just to open a #$@% thread! :mad: Beccy, you're stuck at home alone with the MIL? Put her on, we'll rake her over the coals for awhile. :teeth:

Okay, now who the heck is claiming to be Dis angels? You can't possibly be referring to you and Beccy, Elaine!! Everyone knows you two better than that.
You can rake this woman over the coals. She is perfect!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I Am always an angel, just ask Tim. Oh wait better not he'll just lie.


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