Three Things...Gratitude Thread


Graeters ice cream, Coconut chip and black raspberry chip especially. Add their semi-sweet chocolate syrup and there’s no better treat for me!

A very well made chocolate ice cream soda. These are very hard to find!

Strawberry rhubarb pie, well made.
Sweet Treats... mmm... 🍡🍪🍬🎂🍧🍫🍭🍨

I appreciate fruity things - fruity chocolate and fruity ice cream.

Also, chocolaty things ... especially with a touch of sea salt or Swiss milk.

And American treats, like fudgy, chewy brownies and soft choc chip cookies. They're just not the same over here!!

P.S. I haven't said it for a while, but thanks so much to you, PollyannaMom for your commitment to this thread every day. It really is a daily lift. :love::flower3:

3 sweets!

I'd have to say

Carrot cake - I loved the story above about it!

Strawberry shortcake - my favorite summer dessert!

Strawberry cake (the only cake I've ever made from scratch :o ) - the story behind it - Spring of 2020, middle DD was a senior at Ole Miss which is about 6 hours from home. Her birthday was at the end of April so everything was basically locked down. I wanted to do something special for her birthday, but was pretty limited in what could be done. I was able to order a cake from a bakery down there and her boyfriend picked it up for them to enjoy. Back at home, I found a new special recipe. I made the cake and took pieces over to my sister's family and to my mom. We then all had a zoom call and ate birthday cake together after singing happy birthday to her.
Soft serve for sure and Wendy's Frosty's I used to enjoy as well! Definitely Wienerschnitzel chocolate shakes and a local frozen yogurt place by my church's yogurt was the best because it tasted like lighter sweet ice cream rather than actual yogurt. Yum!

What a lovely story, Newski_mom! Thank you for sharing that with us:hug:


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