Things I Need to Work On. (edited to add...Posts welcome)

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  1. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    April 25,2003

    I know what I need to do to get/stay healthy, but there are things that consistenly get in my way.

    One thing is Salt. I must be very sensitve to it. I also CRAVE it.
    I do try to limit my intake, but it is in everything! I just
    returned a multivitamine I had purchased from Sam's
    Club. I noticed that it tasted like pure salt when I had
    the unfortunate experience of it landing squarely on the
    tip of my tongue. (Usually, I just slam them all down at once,
    and never taste anything) This corresponded with a significant
    increase in my blood pressure, which I thought might be caused
    by the new calcium supplements I has just started taking. Go
    figure. I have since switched back to my normal brand, and
    my BP is fine.

    I NEVER add salt directly on my food.

    I rarely add it during cooking.

    I have started buying low sodium items.

    Another thing is Light, or the lack of.

    I do get depressed if the sun doesn't shine. I also tend to eat
    more during the winter months. I have notice since I've been
    trying to keep the lights off during the day, that I eat, or am
    at least hungry, more often. I have heard that restaurants do
    keep the lights dimmed for this very reason; people tend to
    order more food. My kitchen faces north and has only a small
    window and in fact, most of the areas I need to spend
    time in, are gloomy. My office is in a nice sunny spot,
    and I do like to spend time in there, but that doesn't get
    the laundry done, or dinner cooked or blah, blah, blah.

    I need to keep the Kitchen Lights ON.

    I need to be outside more. (but this doesn't get the house
    work done)

    This will be a hard one for me.

    More to follow.

    Edited to include vital stats

    I'm going to start keeping track of my measurements here, starting with todays stats:

    Bust: 39.5
    Waist: 30.5
    Hips: 42
    Thigh: 24
    Arm: 12.75

    April 29, 2003

    Just some thoughts for the day.
    The Kellogg snack bars (Krave) suck. They are too sweet and gooy. Blech!
    The B&J's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt is not as good as I remember it. :p
    The people on this board do give me strength and keep me focused. :)
    I plan on having a very nice day today. I'm going to the Y to use the ellliptical, then swim, then sauna. First I'll have lunch and walk with DH. (Emphasis on the D, for darling:p )
    I'll not beat myself up for the B&J's. It is all becoming clear. I'm winning! Every time I put a supposed treat into my mouth, I learn something. Usually, I learn that it isn't worth the calories. :)
    I love learning!

    OMG!!!! I just had the best workout of my life!
    I am going to have to do this at least every other day!

    1. Walk with DH for 20 mins. Just a nice stroll to warm things up.
    2. Go to Y an do 30 mins. on the elliptical trainer.
    3. Shower off and swim laps for 15 mins. (would like to work up to 30.)
    4. Use sauna for 10-15 mins.
    5. Hit the showers and float home! :p

    I feel so PHAT!:p

    Don't know what's for dinner, but I'm not really hungry. Must have wine.:p
  2. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    April 30,2003

    So, todays successes:

    1. Went to the Y for my Vista Spa workout.
    2. Had a really good breakfast, and lunch.

    Today's screw ups:

    1. Let the PMS Fairy get the best of me this a.m.
    2. I got on the scale this morning, when I shouldn't have.

    Today's wish:

    That I don't get "hormonal" on my family this evening or tomorrow.

    Oh! Another thing I need to work on. Recognizing the PMS Fairy, when he shows up. Th rest of my family spots him right away. Why can't I see it!?!?
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  4. TigH

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    Jun 1, 2000
    Hope it's ok to post in your journal. If not, get the ruler out and crack me on the knuckles! ;)

    Just want to say good for you for getting to the Y, despite the PMS fairy showing up yesterday! ;) He seems to be visiting everywhere these days. You are doing great!!! Good luck with reducing sodium. That's something I could work on too!
  5. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    May 2, 2003

    Well, it's awfully dark and gloomy today.:( Yesterday was somewhat of a bust. Never did make it to theY, though I did get some strength training in. I'm kind of down about it. It was gloomy yesterday, but we did need the rain. It could clear up today, though.:rolleyes: So, again, the lack of sunlight is affecting me. (Flourescent light just doesn't help much, contrary to all the hoo ha about SAD) I think I'll do some yoga today. Focus on something other than the dark cloud that is hanging over my head.
    To make matters worse, I had too many margaritas last night. Actually, anything over one is too many, and I had 3! Had trouble sleeping because of it, and of course today is just not what I had hoped. (Have you ever checked the graphic at fitday after you've had a cocktail? Fully 20% of my calories yesterday came from alcohol! :o That, my friends, is a sobering illustration!)
    As if that wasn't bad enough, I fouled up my coffee this morning! DH says "coffee smells particularly good this morning." I go into the kitchen to pour us a cup and it's all over the kitchen counter and running onto the floor! UGH! Apparently, I had poured the grounds directly into the basket, having forgotten to put the filter in, causing the drip port to clog and the basket to overflow with mushy coffee muck! Needless to say, I really didn't need that complication, especially since I hadn't had my coffee yet!!!!!
    However, I remain committed. My little black dress hangs on my closet door in full view. Last time I wore it I was 135! I could lose that much by my Vegas trip, but not at the rate I'm going, and I wonder if that is really what I want. Probably not. I'm sticking to what's working, albiet a bit slower than I would like.
    WOW! I feel a bit better getting that all off my chest. Think I'll have some brekky and then some yoga and a long hot shower!

    Keep the Faith!

    OH, I guess it's ok to post to my journal. Don't want to be a party pooper! Anyway, you know how I love all y'all!

    Just back from the Y. I don't really feel any better. What I really wanted to do was cllimb back into bed for the rest of the day! But I'm 5000 steps closer to my goal! (OK, ready? 3500 calories=1lb. I did 5000 steps on the elliptical today and burned 450 calories, according to the machine, which is set at 150lb default. So, bear with me, 3500x15lbs=52,500 calories I need to "deficit spend" to lose the weight I need to reach my first real goal. 52,500/450 is roughly 116 sets of 5000 steps, for a grand total of 580,000 steps. So I can knock off 5000 every time I visit the Y! 580,000 is a pretty big number, but 5000 less each day can tame that in short order. 4 months to be precise. Just in time for our 16th anniversary:) . OOOOH! Now there's a happy thought. :p )
    Anyway, didn't have anything but a giant pretzel for lunch. I'm just not hungry, so I'll have something decent for dinner early. Sweat like a pig at the Y, which means I'm hanging on to a lot of water, which is a good thing because in a few days, I'll have a woosh! Something else to look forward to.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me through my yucky day. OH! I found my first grey hair today.:( Maybe I should just go back to bed.

    Still Keeping the Faith!
  6. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    May 15,2003 WOW!
    It's been a while. It's rained all but 2 days since my last post. I could have curled up in my comfy chair and banged away on the boards all day, but I figured I had nothing positive to say, so I said nothing. Instead, I cleaned house, planted 5 rose bushes, 1 clematis, 2 salsa gardens, one herb garden, went back to A2 to purchase 3 lilacs, 4 spirea, & 2 hostas. (most of these still need to be planted.) Whew!
    I've also been doing my pilates and strength training, but haven't made it to the gym in over a week! I'm still in a funk, but figured I needed to report in. I guess seeing it in print helps motivate me. This morning, I was laying in bed, looking in the mirror (talk about masochistic! Who positions a mirror directly across from their bed so the first thing they see upon rising is their frumpy self!?!?), when I realised I was actually not bad looking. If I just lost 10 pounds, my face would look so much happier, instead of droopy and in a perpetual frown. OK, actually, I was giving myself a virtual face-lift, and realised a 10 pound weight loss would accomplish the same effect. So I need to up the intensity for a while. Vegas is just around the corner, and DH has ressies for Picasso for my birthday (whatever that is :confused: ). I need to wear something nice, and I have no intention of buying anything new, as I actually have beautiful clothes, just a size too small! So I'm off to do my pilates, then some errands, lunch with DH, walk and then maybe hit the gym. I've managed to maintain my weight, but I need to get off my sad, sorry, rump and make it happen! Hopefully I can report back this evening with some success!
  7. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    May 29, 2003

    So I need to get back to what works.

    1. Walking at lunch w/DH
    2. Odwalla bars.
    3. An hour/day at the Y.
    4. No eating out.
    5. Politely refusing Grandma's yummy offerings.
    6. Paying attention to portions.
    7. Journaling.
    8. Yoga every other day.
    9. Lots of water and tea.
    10. Visit WISH Daily.

    Ten simple rules. Ten things to do for me, and my family.

    11. Review this list every day!
    12. Keep the Faith!

    Todays results:

    Ate 1220 calories, walked for 20 mins, did pilates, and drank a bunch of water.

    I know I'm carrying water, as I've been eating out way too much and have not lost water from T.O.M., due to grandma visit over the holiday. I can tell I'm getting less puffy though, so I will not weigh myself tonight (I usually cheat on Thursdays ;) ) and do it tomorrow. It would probably just depress me anyway.
  8. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    Tuesday, August 19, 2003


    Breakfast: 1C. Frosted miniwheats
    .5C skim milk
    .5C melon

    Lunch: Dannon smoothie

    Dinner: Ceasar Salad (2C lettuce), .25C dressing
    1slice bread
    1 Glass wine

    Feeling motivated. Did pilates today.
    Will try to get to gym or do strength training at home

    I blew it.! Went to lunch with DH and planed on not eating, but had two pieces of pizza instead and a regular pepsi! (Gave DH my iced tea, as he cannot have regular soda, and drank the pepsi he had.)RATS!!!!!
    Well no sense in fretting about it now. Time to get DS to Football and then get dinner going and do strength training befor DH gets home. I don't think it will be too much of a setback, but still...

    Keeping the Faith!

    Oh! one more Darn!
    Did my measurements. YUCK! Gained 2.25 inches in my waist, .5 in my hips, .75 in the thigh, .25 in the upper arm, and LOST an inch in the ole bossom! See what I mean about how the weight looks uglier than it did before? I thought (hoped?) I was imagining it, but the #s don't lie!:( Oh well! Even more motivation!
  9. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    Sept 22, 2003

    Well, after a month of renewed resolve, here are the results:

    Weight: 155 (-2lbs)
    Bust: even
    Waist: -1.25 in.
    Hips: even
    Thigh: -.25
    Upper Arm: even

    So, a net loss of 2 lbs., and 1.5 inches. Not exactly the #'s I was hoping for, but still a loss! Eagerly awaiting my new clippie, and feel confident that next week will be the time for that. Only 2 more pounds! I can do that no problem. Hoping for first mini goal (145) by Halloween. That's 10lbs in just under 6 weeks. It will be done. I will then have lost 8% of my body weight. shooting for at least a 20% loss. (Gosh, that sounds huge, but it is neccessary to bring my BMI into the safe range. ) I'm hoping for goal by the first of the year. I was thinking that I would scale back on the dieting and incorporate more exercise to compensate, but with the holidays approaching, it is just as well I keep my cals in check so I don't hit the skids. So 1200-1500 cals/day and I'll be shopping my way down the Camps-Elysees by March! (and won't feel bad about eating and drinking my way through Tuscany!) I feel pretty good since I've looked at it that way!
  10. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    September 24, 2003

    Just some thoughts about this journey. Even though I've slammed on all the weight I lost, and haven't kept a faithful workout program, I have noticed some permanent changes. The reason I consider them permanent is because this is who I am, no longer who I'm trying to be.
    I hate fast food. No longer do I say things like "Boy, I really could go for a BigMacWhopperChalupaChampburgerPizzaFriesOnionringsCoke. Just the other day, we had to stop at Rally's on the way to Cedar Point. I reluctanly orderd a combo with a diet. Only ate half the burger, half the fries and half the coke. I should say choked it down! Blech! (Rally's fries were far and away, one of my favorite foods.)
    I am a lable reader. I don't buy convenience foods. I try to always have fresh fruits and veggies in the house, and I like them better than any sugary ar salty snack. When faced with hunger and the possibility of grabbing something not so great for me, I either take the time to prepare something nutritious or run to the store for the same, if the cupboards are sparse. (I used to just grab a hunk of cheese or chocolate or even have been known to scarf down a sizable chunk of a loaf of bread!)

    When I first moved here, I ate so much out of boredom, (not working + no friends = a pretty dull existance) that I was always in pain, and couldn't figure out why I was slamming on weight! Now, when I'm hungry, I eat. And I start out small, wait 20 mins. and if I'm still hungry, I repeat the process. (usually, I'm not hungry, though I may eat again in a few hours, but just enough to keep the hunger pangs form making me crabby.)

    I like to exercise and miss it when I don't. That isn't always enough to motivate me, but I do like the fact that exercise no longer frightens me.

    I have conquered the salt monster, and have noticed a direct correlation with a drop in my BP. My heart arrythmia has become much less frequent.

    Things I still need to work on:
    Self image. When I first joined WISH, I was really upset when I read posts about how other WISHers felt about their bodies. Even though I no longer had my 26 year old bod, I knew that I was beautiful inside and convinced myself that it showed through. Since gaining back all the weight I lost, I now feel much less attractive and do have a vanity factor working here. I don't really like that aspect of who I am, but it is motivating.
    Eating out. I need to stay away from Hooter's and Cebolla's. If I can do that, maybe the next time we visit, it will seem like Rally's Fries, and I won't care. (unfortunately, DD loves Hooter's and DS loves Cebolla's! But hey, I'm doing this for them, too)
    Sabotage Triggers. Also known as parents and Grandparents. I really need to find a way to impress upon them that we, as a family, are committed to our health and we don't eat the way they do. I'm to the point of being rude, since my latest jump in weight was a direct result of my inability to say no, as well as my resulting self medication, to dull the pain of what was inevitably going to wind up as a winter long battle. Eat crap, drink Margaritas, was how I spent my summer. I need to be rude and push my plate away, walk to the market and buy something healthy. Maybe, if they waste enough food, they'll get the picture and not be so "kind" next time. I know it's harsh, but it's for my own good and the good of the rest of my family. I hope my DD absorbs what is going on around her, and reallizes it's not OK to blindly eat what is set in front of you, just because it comes from Grandma.

    Just a few thoughts. Sure I'll have more. So long for now!

    Keep the Faith!
  11. DoeWDW

    DoeWDW I've been a bit naughty since you've been away

    Mar 13, 2002
    I've read through your journal today. You truly are on an amazing journey. You even said so yourself, when you noted that the foods that used to taste so good now don't seem to be worth the calories. That is a profound realization - it means that you will never eat the same way again!

    You seem very committed and sure of where you're headed. I admire that!! Just remember, there will be small bumps in the road. They don't matter if they are only once in a while and if you get right back on track. When they happen all the time or when they trigger a three month binge, then they're a problem! :p

    I'll be checking in on your journal. I hope you continue to work at understanding what works and where your perils are - I think you're on the road to great success!!!
  12. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    Thanks for the supportive words!:)

    You know, this is the very first time in my life I have ever really tried to lose weight. Until now, it's always been about getting healthy. I figured if I changed my eating habits, and made daily activity a part of my life, the rest would follow. Well, I have made those changes (For the most part) but the weight has not gone away. So I need to watch my calories for a while. The good news is that I'm not having a really rough time of it because of the other healthy habits I've adopted. So there are effectively 3 parts to my healthy life, and losing weight has become a priority.
    I do wonder what will happen when I reach goal. I'm a bit nervous about it. I've watched my mother rollercoaster all my life. She never keeps it off for more that 1 month before she starts "treating" herself. Hopefully, my food choices are ingrained deeply enough for me to treat myself well, instead of like a garbage disposal.
    So far today, I've done my pilates. I volunteer at DD's school today, but it is right down the street from th gym so I intend to do some TM walking afterward. I'm really tired right now and can't possibly think of doing the elliptical trainer, but I might. I'm feeling a bit sluggish today from not doing any cardio since the weekend. I need to get moving. Maybe I'll skip the elliptical, come home and dance through my house work. (watched Mrs. Doubtfire last night and am inspired.)
    I'll check in when I get back!
  13. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    September 25, 2003
    Well today didn't go as well as planned. I didn't get anything done. No bills, no gym, no nothing. Although, I did make a spectacular dinner, which was why I accomplished little else. I spent most of the day grabbing groceries. I did go a wee bit over my calories today. 1536, which isn't horrible, just like to keep it closer to 1300. I had a Gourmet S'more for desert (Chocolate Graham with a mint filled Ghirardelli chocolate square and a marshmallow!) and a beer (Mich Ultra-<3g. carbs and <100 calories;) ), which put me past my comfort zone of 1300. The S'more accounted for 160 of those calories and the beer 95. I guess I'll see tomorrow if I ruined anything. I think it should be ok, but I do feel kind of bad about it. The interesting thing is, the S'more sounds better than it was. And I think the beer gave me a headache. Live and learn. The most upsetting part of my day was that I didn't accomplish my 2 main objectives.. the bills and some sort of cardio workout.
    I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow, and I will discuss my rapid weight loss plans with him, and hopefully get some feedback on what I'm doing right and/or wrong. I like my Dr. When I first met him, it was Oct, 2001. My regular Doc split for Oregon. (That's how awful it is here. She had a good thing going with a population loaded with obesity related disorders. Very steady work, but she chose to move to Oregon. Don't they have socialzed medicine? And aren't their Docs some of the most under paid?) Anyway, she left and her replacement was one Abdul Sankari. Yikes! I'm thinking 9/11. I'm angry that I have to reconcile this in my head. I don't like suddenly being wary of anyone because of their name or ethnicity. But I was. When we finally met, he was as apprehensive as I was. Kind of reminded me of Dr. Suesses Empty Pants story. Now that he knows I'm not a racist biggot, though I'm sure he sensed my initial fear, we have such fun! I'm always joking with him about getting tanked up on vino. He is the nicest Doc I've met here. Not stuffy and full of himself like most of the others are. He works with me. He never tells me what to do, but presents options, and helps me decide what works for me, otherwise, he says, no treatment will help if I'm not going to follow through. Anyway, just a little story of how we size up our situation and how we handle uncharted territory. Hopefully, I can take these lessons and apply them throughout my life.
  14. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    September 26, 2003

    Feeling a bit perkier today, though I do have a bit of a headache, but that will go away. On my way to the TV to get Pilates done. I haven't lost any wieght this week but I can tell that parts that were once very jiggly and dimply are firming back up. I attribute this to two things: Pilates and not retaining salt. My clothes aren't fitting any better, but my belly is looking more like the one I know and love. That makes me happy. It's bad enough that I have and always will have a gymnists butt and thighs, but when my tum gets big, too, well I know it's time to sit up and pay attention. Anyway, I am seeing results in the mirror, if not on the scale. OK, enough for now. Pilates, shower, Dr.s, and then lunch and Mow the Lawn. (Gym is closed 'til Next wednesday so they can move the equipment!!!! I can't wait til our new one opens. We can all go together and have a great time). Check back later.

    Back from Dr. He's happy I haven't gained weight but was unaware I was trying to lose. I told him my plan and he said what I'm doing is healthy enough, even if it doesn't seem rapid enough. Said I have a Sluggish metabolism. I asked if I should up the calories and he said it probably won't make that much of a difference. It's a simple matter of mathematics. If the # of calories in < the # of calories out, you will lose weight. An interesting point he made was that if I am restricting to the point that I have little energy, my workouts will not be as effective and that could slow my progress. That could be what's going on because I find that I am wiped out by 7:30. He suggested uping my calories a little at a time so I can comfortably make it through a daily workout and still be alive at 9ish. The thoughts of that scare me, but I'm willing to give it a try. Maybe ad a few pieces of fruit of a Smoothie. So, I'm off for lunch. A big Salad of field greens, toasted walnuts, chicken breast and blush wine vinaigrette dressing. Maybe a glass of skim milk. Thats a really good way to add energy without all the calories.
  15. DoeWDW

    DoeWDW I've been a bit naughty since you've been away

    Mar 13, 2002
    Sounds like you're doing well! I enjoyed your Dr story! :p It's so hard to find a dr that fits your personality and style and who you can really trust! My doc right now is a gem and it sounds like you've got a great one as well!

    Try not to beat yourself up over what didn't get done. I know it's hard - I catch myself doing it all the time! When I have one of those dreaded tasks that is overwhelming and I don't want to face, I set my timer for 5 or 10 minutes and just work on it that long. Then, if I want to stop, I stop. Usually though I'm feeling better by then and I keep going. It's the getting started that's the tough part!!

    A new gym - that's exciting!! Hope it turns out nice!!
  16. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    September 28, 2003

    Still doing fairly well. Taking things one day at a time. I'm so tempted to weigh in today. I have been keeping my calories below 1300 for the most part so I know I should see a loss thid week. (No other reason not to. No TOM, No high salt intake, etc.)
    But, I do feel guilty since I didn't exercise yesterday, and I had a S'more and a beer and 3 pieces of pizza (cheese onions and mushrooms, so still doing meatless). According to fitday, it all added up to 1326 for the day, so I really shouldn't feel bad at all. Again, the beer and the S'more wasn't worth it.

    I did kick butt in friday though! Did Pilates, Yoga, and gardening, including raking the nuts from the burr oak! Anyway, DH is back home (for 2 whole weeks!) Hopefully, I can keep up the pace, and not get sidetracked by an extra influence. I have more gardening to do. 3 Mugo pimnes and 3 mums. Supposed to rain today, so I may not get to it.

    Thanks Doreen for your wise words. You are such an uplifting person!:)
  17. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    September 29, 2003

    Well, I was right to weigh in yesterday! 155 this morning. I know it's all water because I started getting thirsty around 7:30 p.m. last night, as did the rest of my family. (I must have drank 7 huge glasses of water between then and 5:30 this a.m.! Yes, even through the night I had to refill my glass.) That spaghetti sauce! That was the last of that salty batch! I'm going to start using no salt added tomato sauce when I make my sauce. Between the sausage and the regular tomato sauce, it is just more than I can handle. Funny thing is, it used to taste good. Now it just tastes salty! Anyway, I'll lose that today, as I will be in the garden, putting things to bed for the winter, and sweating it all out! According to fitday, I was still in the safe zone, but only by a few calories. (corn muffins :rolleyes: ) The other thing about yesterday was I "decompressed" with DH, which meant we sat around and watched all the shows about Europe and back episodes of The Thirstey Traveler we had recorded. Good thing we live in Indiana, or I would have really blown my diet and budget by going to the liquor store and buying scotch and champagne! As it was, I settled for a so so glass of red wine.

    My eating habits need to be tweaked a bit. I really should focus on getting a better breakfast. Thing is, when I eat more than about 100 calories, I get really hungry for the rest of the day. Should get some oat bran cereal. That usually works for me, but I'm trying to save $$ for our Europe trip and the only way I like my oat bran is mixed with Silk, and that is expensive. Maybe I could try skim milk with a bit of splenda. I do like splenda. I put it in my coffee and can't really tell the difference, though I never used much sugar anyway. (<1/2 tsp) I think I'll try that tomorrow, since I've had my brekky already.

    Off to do Pilates, then start the laundry, then outside (brrrr! 46 degrees!) to get my beds ready for the winter.
  18. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    September 30, 2003
    Woke up today ravenous! I can tell I'm going to have one of those days. Skipping pilates today in favor of trying to get my gardening done. It has rained every day that I've attempted to do so. I've been waiting until it warms up, but it hasn't and just when I get ready to get out in the cold, it starts to rain. (i can handel rain and I can handle cold, but not at the same time!) So the sun is out, it's 45 degrees and I am hungry! Guess I'll get out there before it starts to rain!
    Yesterday, my workout was lacklustre and my mood is declining. Tomorrow the gym opens and I am eagerly awaiting a solid cardio workout. I don't mind walking alone, but I do much better if I have a little competition :p . DH isn't up to speed yet and if he goes too far, his back, feet, hips, etc., hurt, and we don't want to give him any reason to not get out there, so we settle for a moderate pace and a somewhat abbreviated distance. But I am not blaming him. I just do better with some motivating body in my midst. Even at the gym, there are others keeping me going. I recently read that it does help to have a man with you when you exercise. Evidently the Pheronomes they release cause a feeling of well being, which is, in turn, associated with the activity. That must be why I love the gym! All those sweaty guys! (Not much to look at, but OOOOH those pheronomes! :p ) Maybe thats why I don't do well in solo situations and aerobics, which are female laden. HMMM!all this talk of homones has me feeling, well, never mind! I'm off to the garden!
  19. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    October 1, 2003
    Well' what can I say about today? I'm disappointed. After a less than 1000 calorie day yesterday, (I measure and lable read and use fitday, so I can't be too far off) and an intensive therapy session in the garden, I gained 2 lbs! (normally I don't weigh in on Wednesday, but when I tried to put on my levis, they were terribly snug, so I punished myself by weighing in!) I don't know if BF is visiting or what (perimenopause is wreaking havoc with my cycle!), but I am a bit undone. I was hoping for 2 lbs/week loss and have managed to pull it off with an extra pound to boot, but that is little consolation when I feel like I will not see any loss this week!
    Anyway, today I have remained on target with calories and percentages of fat, carbs and protien, and have managed to get some strength training in. I'm going out to spread mulch, and will drink lots of water. I haven't been getting as much water as I should lately, and maybe my body is in super slug mode: just not giving anything up! Still keeping the Faith!
  20. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    October 2, 2003
    Today I'm tired. Still hanging on to the water, and maybe even more, because I was up all night last night thirsty from dinner. I will not weigh myself, because I know nothing good will come of it. I was giong to do piates today, but now I am considering going to the gym and walkingor using the elliptical. I was still an target for calories yesterday. 1269 calories, but most of that came form carbs, then fat, then protien and most of my fat intake was from the cheese, so that =saturated fat. Who knows, maybe that will kick start my metabolism. I only mulched for 1.5 hours and my neighbor so graciously reminded me that I shouldn't be doing that and definately should not cook dinner. Of course, that reminded me I had to stop mulching and cook dinner!
    Today, I tried my oatbran for brekky with a 1/2c of mango and splenda. It was pretty tastey. Big salad for lunch and chicken something for din. Bet I don't get to the gym today! It's 10:30 already. Mulching will have to suffice!
    Keeping the faith, but losing motivation. I'll be ok though. Tomorrow is another day, and this day is still young.

    edited to add...
    Well, I pretty much got through the day. I did manage to get most of my mulch spread, and will probably finish it all today. I even did some digging and edging. So that will work out to about 3 hours of some pretty vigorous work, and according to fitday, about 700 calories. It doesn't feel like that much but my back is killing me and I'm sweating like a pig. (I was very careful about lifting with my legs, but I just think I'm not getting my Pilates moves quite right. Therefore, my back isn't as strong as I think it is.) I am going to get some Motrin and have DD help me finish with the mulch, and then go out for dinner. I did say that this was the week I would eat at home every night, so maybe I'll get carry out. :p Or maybe I'll just fix the family Mac and cheese from a box, and take a hot bath and skip dinner all together.
  21. tlgoblue

    tlgoblue Thankful for Family

    Dec 1, 2002
    October 9, 2003
    I've been out of town for a few days, so here's the short version.
    Oat Bran with mango and skim and splenda for brekky.
    2 sliders and fries for lunch (blech!)
    Large salad for dinner and a few sips of a white russian.

    Special K with 1/2 % milk
    Big salad for lunch.
    Beef Stroganoff for dinner and a beer.

    Oat bran and skim and mango and splenda
    Big salad (lettuce, goat cheese, chicken and balsamic vinaigar, chick pea salad, bran muffin and an apple.
    Big salad for dinner

    Oatmeal w/brown sugar
    Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (blech!)
    Big salad, corn and blechy pizza

    pancakes, sausage.
    Big salad, potato salad and turkey sandwich
    3 fish tacos and a beer

    Oat bran, mango, skim and splenda
    Big salad with lettuce, goat cheese and balsamic and walnuts.

    Don't know what I'm having for dinner. DH wants to go to the "crack house", and I'm almost too tired to fight abour it. Maybe I'll go and havve a marg and nothing else and pass out when I get home!:p not really, but I am having a lousy day.

    Good news is I've lost a pound, and am proud of my resolve not to eat the donuts and pig out on sliders. I'm also happy the ones I did eat were nasty. Bubbye Bates! You don't own me!

    edited to add
    Well, went to Cebolla's! Had 2 margs and a tostada w/o cheese.
    Still within acceptable calorie range, but the salt is killing me. There is a ton of salt in the beans, meat, guac, and salsa. Not to mention the margs, which always bloat me up. Anyway, up 2 pounds but not worried. Not really. The plus in all of this is that one of the physical benefits I've noticed, is that lots of foods I used to drool over, no longer taste the same. Don't get me wrong. The margs were yummy, but the food didn't do it for me, and the salsa, which I could drink like water, was also lacklustre. That is good. Maybe I'm enjoying foods that aren't smothered in salt and fat, because there are other flavors dancing on my tongue! It will be a lot easier to stay away from the "crack house"!

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