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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by bschool, Mar 4, 2001.

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    Aug 13, 2000
    Another question: We are buying a minimum amount of points for now for WLV (when we are allowed, see previous question). However in looking at the book we have it appears that the 150 to 200 points we intend to borrow really are only a "bargain" when applied to WDW properties. The other points schedule they post re other parts of the US or of the "real" world make me think that if I planned for example to use points to go to Europe, I'd have to "save, bank, borrow" for several years.

    In truth, is DVC best suited to WDW only?
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    Jan 14, 2001
    Of course, your best value is at DVC. Rooms there save you something like 60-75% off regular ressies. Rooms booked at non DVC WDW resorts can save up to 1/2 off rack rate. As far as exchanges, you are still getting something of a deal. The main thing is the exchanges out of DVC give you an added level of value in that you can use your membership offsite. For example, if you go to Europe, and you won't go to WDW in a given year, you can still use points and not have to cough up any extra dollars for the hotel room. Maybe it isn't the absolute best use of points, but at least it gives you a variety of options in using your points.

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    The best value is to use DVC points for the five DVC resorts.

    With some planning and luck, you may also get an excellent value through an Interval International (II) exchange. Anita Williams, one of the posters on this board, was able to get a week in a studio (larger and more luxurious than any DVC studio) at the Four Seasons Resort Club Aviara in Carlsbad, California, for just 80 DVC points. DVC Member Services used a studio in Adventure Season for this exchange. But II exchanges can also be "trades down," where a valuable DVC week provides a less desirable timeshare condo elsewhere.

    The rest of the DVC programs, such as Disney Collection, Concierge Collection, and Disney Cruise Line, are nice to have as options. But the value per point isn't nearly as good as for DVC resorts. I'm glad these options are available, especially if I'm not planning a trip to Florida one year. It would certainly be better to use one of these DVC programs than to lose the points. And it may even be a nice way to experience luxury accomodations without having to spend vast amounts of cash. But I would never buy into DVC with the primary intention of using the points outside of the DVC resorts.

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